Advantages & Disadvantages of Swivel Bar Stools

Bar stools become the most popular furniture nowadays as a complement for the interior design of a house. This furniture is getting more preferred by many people because it is very suitable for a small minimalist house. Its tiny shape does not take a lot of spaces. Moreover, bar stools are available in various types, such as Lucia bar stools, Clearie bar stools, Habitus Bar stools, swivel bar stools, and many more. In this article, we will discuss swivel bar stools more.

Just like its name, this furniture is the kind of bar stool that can be swiveled. A swivel bar stool is mostly used in coffee shops or cafe because it is so comfortable. About the design brought by this type of bar stools, it depends on the finishing. But mostly, it is more suitable for you who want to bring a modern minimalist design or industrial design to your house. If you are doubted about using a swivel bar stool, here are some advantages and disadvantages of this furniture that can be your consideration.

The Advantages of Swivel Bar Stools

If you decide to use a swivel bar stool in your house, here are some benefits that you can get.

1. Its Height is Ideal for A Kitchen Counter Table

An opened kitchen which unites with a dining room becomes a popular choice today, especially among newlyweds. A kitchen counter table that is functioned as well as a dining table also becomes a proper complement for this kitchen design. It is because a counter table does not take many spaces. As the result, the area looks more spacious. And swivel bar stools become the most ideal furniture to be combined with a counter kitchen table.

Its proper height and slimness are suitable for a counter table and able to prevent the area from looking too crowded. This kind of bar stools also allows you and your family members to comfortably sit.

2. Modern & Cool Design

A swivel bar stool is one of the modern and trendy furniture to be placed in a house, especially in the kitchen area. With the presence of this bar stool, your kitchen will look similar to modern coffee shops so that it can be a favorite place at your house to gather and hang out with your family. You will also feel like you have your own private coffee shop.

3. It Offers More Spaces

Swivel bar stools have a slim and tall design so that it is possible for you to have more spaces even though you have 3 to 5 of it. It will be different if you use common dining chairs which are relatively big so it takes quite many spaces at your house. With this kind of bar stools, you will be able to have more people at your house or your kitchen. Combined with an opened kitchen, your cooking time will be more fun because you are accompanied by your loved ones.

4. More Friendly Dining Room

Using a swivel bar stool will bring a friendly impression so that whoever comes to your house will feel like they are properly welcomed. If you combine a counter table and this type of bar stool in your kitchen, it will bring a warm and friendly atmosphere to the area.

The Disadvantages of Swivel Bar Stools

The benefits of using this type of bar stools come along with its disadvantages. Below are the disadvantages of a swivel bar stool.

1. It is More Suitable for Small Rooms

Because of its slim and tiny shape, a swivel bar stool is more suitable and proper for small rooms. For example, a small kitchen. If you use any types of a bar stool in a spacious kitchen, the area will look too empty.

2. Only Suitable for A Kitchen Counter Table

This kind of bar stools is more suitable to be combined with a kitchen counter table. If you combine it with common dining tables, it will look inappropriate. Because most dining tables are large. However, you can still combine it with small round dining table.

3. It Can be Used by Skinny People Only

Once again because of its slimness and tiny shape, a swivel bar stool can be likely used by tiny people only. If you have curvy family members, they will be probably uncomfortable to sit in this type of chairs.

4. Quite Dangerous for Kids

Because this furniture can be swiveled, it will probably be dangerous for kids. They can play around with it and end up falling from it. Moreover, most bar stools do not have any armchairs. If you already have kids, you might want to consider using this bar stool.

Other Types of Bar Stools for Modern Minimalist Design

Besides swivel bar stools, there are also other types of bar stools that you can choose to bring a modern minimalist style to your house. Here they are.

1. Era Bar Stool

Who says that a classic style cannot be combined with a modern style? Era bar stools offer a classic design with a modern nuance. Its frame is thick and strong yet this bar stool is light enough to lift and move. The uniqueness of this era bar stool is its seat back. The seat back is so simple, only curvatures of wood materials which blend with the body of the bar stool.

2. Real Good Bar Stool

A real good bar stool is a bar stool that is made from metal materials and painted with screaming colors. Its simple minimalist design makes this kind of bar stools becomes a perfect choice for an industrial style room.

3. Delta Aluminum Bar Stool

Just like its name, this bar stool is made from aluminum materials. It offers European classic design. Its appearance looks casual because of plastic, wood, or metal furnishing. Delta aluminum bar stool is completed with a comfy seat back. So that it is not only proper to be placed in a kitchen but also in a workspace.

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