All of the Small Kitchen Table Types and What Makes Each of Them Good or Bad

Picking a small kitchen table is not an entirely easy matter. There are several things to consider when you are trying to choose one, and while some folks have already known about those things, there are other factors to be put into consideration. Things like the size of your kitchen, its shape, and its theme are all things to count if you are trying to buy a kitchen table.

That is not to say about the many types of kitchen tables available on the market. While you might think that there are not too many types out there, that kind of thinking is actually wrong. In fact, there is an uncountable number of kitchen table types out there, and that abundance of option can make choosing the right table a hard thing to do.

Fortunately for you, we got a handy list that you can read if you are willing to learn more about small kitchen tables. This guide might not list all of the available table types (because it would take too long), but we have several table types that come recommended if you want to buy a table for your kitchen. Below are the table types in question:

The drop-leaf, hairpin-legged tables

Before you can ask further questions, a drop-leaf table is a table whose sides can fold down. When unfolded, the tables will look like an ironing table (you can even use them as a surface to iron your clothes if you want to). No matter if it is made of wood, steel, or plastic, you can always fold them thanks to the addition of (usually two) hinges on the place where you can fold the table down. There are tables that fold up, but such tables are a rare occurrence because it is nothing short of a design mistake.

Drop-leaf tables make for a good addition to your kitchen because of how adaptable it is. A drop-leaf table, as it has been mentioned before, has several parts of its surface that fold down, effectively turning it into a smaller table. This, of course, makes for an adaptable table that can be changed into a small table or a big one on your whim. The reason why we recommend you the hairpin-legged ones is because of one simple thing: the hairpin legs will add the illusion of space if you are planning to put this in a small kitchen.

This thing is only bad if you are trying to apply this in a house with a vintage theme. While folding tables are not too modern, the hairpin legs are actually too contrasting with a vintage house. We recommend you skip this type of table if you got a vintage house.

Murphy-Style kitchen tables

Murphy-style here involves a certain wall-to-floor folding action. Murphy-styled beds are beds that can be folded up to the walls, giving you space in your bedroom when it is up. When it is down, it is an ordinary bed that you can sleep on. The same can be said about Murphy-style kitchen tables. They might not be ‘small’ because you will be needing space on the wall for its base and a space on the floor for its folded-down table, but they are good if you find yourself lacking floor space while at the same time having too much space on the walls.

A Murphy-style kitchen tables save space and they are both cool looking and practical. Most tables belonging to this type comes with its own shelves on the base, so if you fold the tables down, the base of the table (that is hanging on the wall) will often be filled with compartments for you to store your items in. This is a good work desk that you can fit in your kitchen, and you can also eat there if you wanted to.

It is small, though, and most Murphy-style tables can only fit one person in it. There are Murphy tables that are bigger, but they are often expensive and can provide you with installation difficulties if you do not know how to install it (this is not just an ordinary drop-and-use table, after all). It comes in many different themes – even the vintage one – but putting it in a vintage house is a no-go.

Breakfast tables

Round breakfast tables come in many forms and shapes, and it can often be hard to determine which one can be put in what kind of house. Fortunately, a lot of breakfast tables are usually small, making it a perfect choice if you are looking for a table that can fit into a small room. Breakfast tables often come in round shape, much like the tables you can see when you watch movies depicting posh noblewomen enjoying their afternoon tea and cakes. Those tables are small and can fit two or at most three people in them, which is the exact number of people who normally have a small kitchen.

Thanks to its size, breakfast tables are easy to move around if you are planning to be mobile with it. Most of them come with many intricate designs, too, a good thing to have if your house is not ‘modern’.

But they are not cheap for its size, its capacity, and its materials. Breakfast tables are mostly made out of wood to preserve the vintage look, but this will only make them more expensive. The fact that they are mostly handmade also did not do anything to lower their price (it even raises it).

Shelved tables

Shelved tables are starting to get common these days, especially in kitchens that use kitchen islands in it. While small kitchens are mostly unable to fit a kitchen island, you can still buy a shelved table because of its practicality. As both a storage and a table, it kills two birds with one stone.

Tables of this kind are perfect if you need storage space and a place to eat at the same time. Most are often strong and nicely-designed, making it a good eye candy for the house.

It is not a good table if you got more than two people eating on it, though. Most tables of this kind sacrifice seating capacity for storage capacity, increasing the number of things you can store in it while drastically reducing the number of people who can eat on top of this table. Not a bad table type if you are looking for a small kitchen table for two, but definitely not something you will want to buy if you got more than two people in your house.

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