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Mosquito yard spray reviews and buying guide 2018

Today we publish our best research Mosquito yard spray reviews. many suppose that the best way to remove mosquitoes is to lather yourself in mosquito repellent or use a mosquito fogger for your area, however there may be one extra manner, how you can achieve the same impact, without having to shop for greater gadget. And this is to apply a mosquito spray for yard. So read these mosquito yard spray reviews, selected the one spray that fits your standards and use it to rid your backyard from mosquitoes and all other nuisance pests that could wreck you time exterior. lets read how to get rid mosquito in yard .
mosquito yard spray reviews

1. Killer Green Mosquito yard spray reviews


  • Manufacturer: Killer Green
  • Net capacity: 16 fl. ounces (0.47 liters)
  • Active ingredient: Sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium chlorine, potassium sorbate
  • Target pests: Mosquitoes, black flies, gnats, fruit flies, ants, fleas, ticks, spiders, roaches, beetles, centipedes and other insects
  • Where to use: Outdoors and indoors
  • Scent: No
  • Residue: No

Killer Green Insect Killer Spray review

If you have problems with insects in your back yard, no matter if they are in their adult, larvae or egg forms, you should look in to using an insect yard spray, to get rid of pests and to keep your yard insect-free.

this kind of styles of outside sprays is the Killer inexperienced Insect Killer spray. This mosquito spray for backyard is made with three lively ingredients – Sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium chlorine, potassium sorbate which can be classified as non-toxic insect sprays, due to the fact Sodium lauryl sulfate is a not unusual soap and shampoo factor, sodium chlorine basically is salt and potassium sorbate is herbal organic compound used regularly as meals preservative. but despite the fact that these are natural substances, they may be nonetheless very a lot efficient not simplest at killing mosquitoes, however other insects like mattress bugs, gnats, spiders and other pests.

although this yard mosquito spray doesn’t kill on touch, it’s going to begin to work on touch, taking impact and killing the pest in few minute time. The amazing factor about this product is that it doesn’t have that chemical scent, that regularly non-natural worm sprays has and it dissipates very fast, now not leaving any residue inside the sprayed vicinity, which meanst that you may use this spray also interior, your flowers won’t be harmed whilst entering contact with the liquid and your youngsters, pets and every person else can be capable of enter the sprayed region after it’s far dry.


  • Can be used outdoors and indoors;
  • Safe for children, pets and plants;
  • Because of the active ingredients, this insect spray is a non-toxic insect spray;
  • Doesn’t have a scent;
  • Won’t leave any residue on the sprayed area.


  • The spray comes in 16-ounce bottle, so it might not be enough to use to spray a huge area;
  • The spray doesn’t work upon contact, so you will need to wait for about 10 minutes for it to work.

    2. Cutter Backyard Bug Control Mosquito yard spray reviews


    • Manufacturer: Cutter
    • Net capacity: 32 fl. ounces (0.94 liters)
    • Active ingredient: Lambda-Cyhalothrin
    • Target pests: Grubs, ants, fleas, mosquitoes, beetles, mites, deer ticks, Japanese beetles, crane flies, fire ants and other insects
    • Where to use: Outdoors
    • Scent: No
    • Residue: No

    Cutter Backyard mosquito spray review

    a little much less natural, even though also notable effective Mosquito yard spray reviews is the Butter outside one, due to the fact a small amount of it goes an extended way and the effects of this spray will remaining for numerous weeks.

    energetic element, to that you want to mention thank you for the malicious program killing impact is Lambda cyhalothrin, that’s a artificial pyrethroid magnificence chemical insecticide, that objectives many one-of-a-kind pests from bugs to so referred to as vectors among which can be mosquitoes. but because it is pyrethroid it is also a protracted lasting insecticide, which results lasting 4 as much as even eight weeks, although it’s far your first time using it in your yard and even if it rains throughout these weeks. And given that this yard spray for mosquitoes are available 32-ounce bottle, it’s going to permit you to treat up to five,000 square ft (464.fifty one square meters) big region, so if you have smaller yard, this insecticide will final you quite a while.

    On pinnacle of that it is easy to apply this mosquito spray for yards, as it comes in a bottle, that you just ought to attach to your lawn hose, and you could spray it anywhere you need it. So dispose of any pests from worms to mosquitoes to bugs, with the aid of simply trying out this Cutter outside mosquito spray, which won’t depart any residue and any trace that you ever used it, handiest clear backyard.


    • This spray is extremely long lasting, with up to 8 weeks’ efficiency;
    • Even if it is raining after you apply it, it will still be efficient for about 4 weeks;
    • 31-ounce bottle will be enough to spray around 5,000 square feet area;
    • Spray doesn’t leave a smell or residue;
    • It is extremely easy to use.


    • This spray is meant for only outdoors use, so you shouldn’t spray it indoors;
    • The main active ingredient in this spray is a chemical, so it is not a natural insecticide.

      3. Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Yard & Kennel Mosquito yard spray reviews


      • Manufacturer: Vet’s Best
      • Net capacity: 32 fl. ounces (0.94 liters)
      • Active ingredient: Peppermint Oil, Eugenol (Clove Extract), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
      • Target pests: Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes
      • Where to use: Outdoors
      • Scent: No
      • Residue: No

      Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Yard & Kennel Spray review

      When you want to go the more natural route and go for a Mosquito yard spray reviews that is a bit more on the green side, you should look into the Vet’s Best spray that is made to repel not only fleas, ticks and kennel but also pests like mosquitoes and others biting insects.

      This yard protect spray is made with Peppermint Oil, Eugenol also referred to as Clove Extract and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which all are natural and have insect killing and repelling homes. which is why with this product you may be capable of manage most pests that can be determined in your back yard, so that they don’t hassle you anymore and you could experience some time outdoors.

      The barrier spray comes in a non-staining components, so your grass, turf, vegetation and different areas that you spray with this insecticide will continue to be the equal. And the 32-ounce bottle of this pleasant mosquito backyard spray will be sufficient to spray an area up to 4,500 square toes (418.06 square meters), so you don’t ought to without a doubt fear approximately the mosquito spray jogging out inside the center of spraying, as long as you don’t need to cowl huge location. And the sprayed area can be re-entered after is has dried and used by kids and pets competently. This backyard protect spray genuinely is vet’s great friend to safety in opposition to one-of-a-kind pests.


      • This best yard spray for mosquitoes not only combats ticks, kennels and fleas, but also mosquitoes, different beetles, bugs and other insects;
      • With the 32-ounce bottle you will be able to cover up to 4,500 square feet large area;
      • The product is easy to use;
      • All the ingredients in this spray are natural;
      • Spray isn’t harmful to pets or kids.


      • You need to let the sprayed area dry thoroughly, before any water is introduced in it so be sure to not spray your backyard before rain;
      • This product can harm some trees and flowers so be careful as to where you apply it.


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