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Best Water Softener System | Reviews And Buying Guide 2019

If you want to see a detailed Best water softening system, the large consumer magazines are a good place to go. Water softening systems are interesting for households whose water is quite calcareous. Our team has designed by reviewing numerous tests and comparisons from the Internet, a list of best reviews their uses, nominal capacity and many other points.

Best Water Softener System : All information at a glance


OrganizationIs there a Best Water Softener System?Test from the year:
ThespruceYes, the The Spruce released Water Softener System:  Link2016
Topten ReviewsYes, the Topten Reviews has released a Water Softener System:  Link2016
Watersoftener CriticYes, the Watersoftener Critic has released a Water Softener System:  Link2016


In the summary table you can see if there is a Best Water Softener System  from large consumer magazines. During our research we searched the websites of the publishers. For legal reasons, we can not name the respective test winners, so please visit the respective website for the test results. As you can see, tests are regularly carried out by the test organizations. Of course we will keep the table up to date.

Types Of Water Softener Systems

There are 4 unique kinds of water conditioner accessible for you to buy in your home, which are entire house frameworks (for shower head water conditioners, visit this page), shower heads, spigot, and a bundle more. These items are such critical for a home since it incorporates the well being of everybody living in it. Mollified water is such a need nowadays particularly with how the provisions are running out all over the place and clean drinking water is so basic to survival. A large number of individuals kick the bucket every last day due to this issue, and purchasing these sorts of items without a doubt take care of the current issue. On the off chance that you are as yet uncertain about the advantages of these items, you can simply peruse on to discover more about the significance of these gadgets.

The reason they are diverse is on the grounds that they mellow hard water in various ways. Some framework types might be perfect for your home, and some may not. This water conditioner framework audits page will experience all the best brands that at present exist and we will give all of you the subtle elements of their fortes. In this way, sit back, unwind and we’ll give you a summary of all the data about each kind of framework.

The 4 water softening system types are:

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Salt Based Systems
  • Salt-Free Systems
  • Magnetic Systems

The Reverse Osmosis System

This kind of framework utilizes strain to push hard water through an extraordinary layer that expels pollutions. In basic terms, water is constrained through a semi-porous film, and just unadulterated H2O experiences. This treatment procedure is getting very famous nowadays for what it’s worth among the best approaches to clean whatever it is that experiences your pipelines. Individuals that have utilized this procedure for quite a while will validate how successful it is and how accommodating it has been for its clients too. You will be left with just an unadulterated beverage close by once you begin utilizing the invert assimilation framework.

The hard water polluting influences don’t endure, and hence, are not in your water supply. That is the reason we have chosen to accumulate our own special water conditioners audits page. Ideally, this page will have the capacity to control you through the test of finding the correct item for your home. We certainly realize that it is so hard to pick one from the swarm of value items that you can discover on the web. Along these lines, we should get into additional about the ROS types to extend our insight on what will meet our requirements best.

This softner framework attempts to fill a tank with relaxed H2O, and afterward it close off until the point when more fluid is required.

We as of late uncovered the best turn around assimilation water channels as evaluated by a great many clients, in any case, kindly don’t befuddle a RO framework with a kitchen spigot water channel unit, which is a lot littler, less expensive but on the other hand is less proficient.

Salt Based Systems

Without getting excessively specialized: this kind of conditioner framework utilizes a procedure where by hard-water particles are traded for delicate water particles. The delicate water particles for this situation are sodium (salt) particles, so you’re required to have a salt chamber (brackish water tank), which you require top up incidentally for the framework to work. In the wake of checking in general softening framework, we don’t prescribed it for drinking water as there are large amounts of sodium in the mollified water, anyway it’s conceivable to utilize this framework and leave certain taps (typically a couple) with hard water, for cooking and drinking. The best performing frameworks are made by FLECK – you can see surveys of their best 3 units appropriate here. They have various items extending from the least expensive, best, toughness and some of them are best-evaluated ones in the market. You may even have the capacity to discover a rebate through the web for that mark.

These frameworks require a standard ‘recovery’, which is the point at which the majority of the hard water irons have developed in the chamber and should be flushed out. This procedure is the thing that makes this kind of conditioner such a powerful apparatus for your home. With a spotless tap, your wellbeing will most likely enhance throughout several months. That is something that you truly can’t put a cost on. Like what the familiar adage goes “Wellbeing is riches”.

There are 3 basic recovery frameworks accessible today: clock recovery, meter recovery, and manual recovery. Meter age implies the your water conditioner will recover (revive) in light of your utilization, and henceforth is the most distant and generally prominent!

Salt Free (Salt-Less) Systems

Salt free frameworks are extremely well known today, anyway you ought to recall forget that nothing is as successful as a salt-based framework, regardless of what the make claims!

These frameworks include an exceptionally mind boggling process whereby nano-innovation is used and two things occur:

(1) Existing scale and matter develop in your pipe (which originates from hard water) is expelled.

This is incredible on the grounds that the majority of that develop adds to the hardness of water going through your channels. Furthermore, when utilizing this sort of conditioner, scale and matter develop will never again happen.

(2) The water’s particle structure is adjusted in a way which enormously decreases the hardness of the fluid.

Magnetic Systems

These frameworks are getting to be well known in light of the fact that they are little and economical, yet once more, there adequacy at doing the activity (of softening hard water) is sketchy.

Magnets, or wires (which modify the fluid structure) are set around your funnels and attractive fields thusly mellow your water. Its hardness moves toward becoming ‘incapacitated’ for up to 48 hours, anyway it returns to hard water after this time.

Here Is The Best Water  Softener Short List:

Product NameDescriptionPrice
 1: ABCwaters Built Fleck 5600sxtCapacity : 48,000 GrainCheck Amazon
2: Bit 5600 SXT Water Softener ShipsCapacity : 64,000 GrainCheck Amazon
3: Speck Iron Pro 2 Combination waterCapacity : 64,000 GrainCheck Amazon
4: Aquios FS-220 Salt-Free Water SoftenerCapacity : 40,000 gallonsCheck Amazon

5 Best Water Softeners – (Reviews & Ultimate Buying Guide 2019)

The beginning of our guide is all about those top tier products that you want to see. Here we have looked into each one of them in no particular order.

1. ABCwaters Built Fleck 5600sxt

In the event that you are searching for a top notch, entire house conditioner framework for a reasonable spending plan, this may be actually the item for you. Outfitted with the Fleck 5600SXT advanced valve, famous for its lower yearly power utilization and simple use and with a 48 0000-grain limit, the framework is intended to expel most of the greatest “hard water” offenders. You may, notwithstanding, need to include an entire house channel in line and before the conditioner on the off chance that you are worried about other follow minerals, for example, press.ABCwaters Built Fleck 5600sxt

Check Amazon

In any case, the framework has a great deal of extra advantages, which make it a smash hit. Such are the pre-stacked 2 American-made tanks, both with a 10-year guarantee and the extra things. A significantly included qualities are the supporting assets – establishment recordings and a unit in addition to a streamlined establishment control. Despite the fact that you may have some little issues, a specialized help is accessible by means of various channels.

2. Bit 5600 SXT Water Softener Ships

Conservative, productive and at a decent value, this entire house water conditioner framework will work well for you by utilizing particle trade procedure to evacuate the calcium and magnesium and broaden the life of your pipes and apparatuses. The framework goes to your entryway outfitted with all segments required for task – the tank, gum, control head, and salt water tank with wellbeing coast. It additionally has a detour valve with a 1-inch burden association for simple “in/out” plumbing association.Bit 5600 SXT Water Softener Ships

Check Amazon

There’s additionally a LCD show with data about the framework status and blunder codes. You may, notwithstanding, need to think about that the establishment itself could be a bit tedious. In the event that you don’t have much experience make sure to check the guidance video and set yourself up legitimately. Likewise, do your examination to make certain you purchase the right size. By and large, a genuinely decent result of a fine quality at a sensible cost.

3. Speck Iron Pro 2 Combination water conditioner press channel

Is it accurate to say that you will put resources into your entire house water softening framework? This item will meet any holdbacks you may have about its cost. Along the iron channel, it accompanies an assortment of limits. This variety is a 64 000-grain unit, yet you can get a 80 000 one – the most astounding available. Also, it’s furnished with the outstanding Fleck 5600sxt, which spares you a great deal with yearly vitality utilization and usability. Aside from iron, magnesium, and calcium, this conditioner additionally expels rust, silt, and sulfur up to 2ppm.Speck Iron Pro 2 Combination water conditioner press channel

Check Amazon

Also, the set is furnished with a detour valve and a plastic cone. The establishment directions, however, may be somewhat confounding notwithstanding for experienced clients. Make certain to have proficient help or call specialized help in the event that you are not overseeing. The life span of the framework, however, pays you well for this burden.

4. Shot Poly Triple Action Water Softener

This water conditioner has merited the privilege to agree with the superb items. It is smaller, pragmatic and with a dependable body. Furthermore, two of its attributes make it emerge from the others in the class. To start with, it is without salt, which implies no tar and cubic feet computation. What’s more, second – it is waterproof and can be introduced anyplace outside as long as it doesn’t solidify.Shot Poly Triple Action Water Softener

Check Amazon

Pleasant highlights are likewise the sans bpa plastic body and the totally replaceable media. It additionally accompanies а mounting section in the container. The usefulness of the item is sensible and you can’t expect a considerable measure of issues with it. With respect to the delicate quality of your water – it will totally evacuate calcium carbonate and decrease limescale. However, don’t anticipate that it will expel chloramine and iron as it’s anything but a channel. Think about that you may require additional connectors as the channel has a 1-inch distance across. The item has a decent certification of 5 years.

5. Aquios FS-220 Salt-Free Water Softener

Presently, meet one of the tinniest conditioners available. However, don’t be deceived by its size. It gives incredible incentive at its cost. At first, this modest one is sans salt and with a carbon channel. So you can disregard chloramine and different particles, alongside the sap. Your water will be gentler, as well as cleaner and with a superior taste. We previously made reference to its size that tackles space-sparing issues.Aquios FS-220 Salt-Free Water Softener

Check Amazon

In addition, the set accompanies mounting section and the gulfs are 3/4-inch, so you will probably require any connectors. Somewhat of an issue could be the channels. You ought to supplant them occasionally. Else, they may get obstructed. You likewise should realize that the entire lodging isn’t exceptionally solid, so a few holes are conceivable. This item isn’t the best for the heaviest water. In any case, it is temperate, simple to introduce and to keep up, additionally giving you extraordinary execution.

What should I look for when buying a water softening system?

As with all purchases, the same applies to the water softening system: do not rush the purchase , but take the time to compare the different systems . Within the framework of a comparison , the differences between the systems and manufacturers are very fast .

Water2buy – Volumetric 800For many consumers in particular the purchase price is an important criterion. There are many water softening systems that are priced quite high . But even for the small purse, there are various offers on the market. Quite expensive equipment is the Judo i Soft and the BWT Aquasmart . These are higher priced models.

On the other hand, they can also opt for the 5600 SF 60 Fleck and water2buy systems . They are manageable investments and should therefore fit better in the small purse .

Make you in selecting your water softening system to determine whether they all applicable standards met. Many systems that can be found on the German market are provided with appropriate test marks.

The water softening system is fundamentally used in addition to the domestic water system. If you are looking for a water softening system, you will soon be confronted with a host of technical specifications when choosing different models . Pay particular attention to the filling capacity of the salt container, which is crucial for regeneration and its frequency .

An important role plays in buying the water connection. This usually includes 1 inch . To find on the market today only comparatively few installations, the 2 inches offer. There are now many systems that rely on an automatic regeneration . Above all, they make handling easier for you .

Also with the dimensions there are clearly differences. Among other things, the choice of your water softening system depends on how much space you have at your disposal. If you own your own home, you may be able to position larger facilities . In an apartment, however, the space is limited, so you have to pay attention to smaller dimensions .

If you are a techie, you can also check whether the water softening system is offered with a suitable app . It is best to inform yourself about the exact installation before you buy . There are clear differences here. However, who manufacturers the right here recent years increasingly been at work and have water softening under way, dealing with a few simple steps to install leave.

An important criterion for the purchase of the water softening system is the number of users. Here household size plays a decisive role . The number of users is crucial for choosing the right size . After all, the water softening systems are offered on the market with very different capacities .

Living in a household only one or two people , are usually sufficient even small plants . These can then be brought very quickly into the desired position due to the clear dimensions . For a four-member household , however, larger models are required.

The selection of the correct size is important because only way to ensure that the water softener and the water consumption in the corresponding house.

Keep in mind that the size of the device also has a major impact on the power consumption . Thus, the power consumption increases proportionally with the size . Some manufacturers offer special water softening systems, which are explicitly adapted for use in single-family homes .

Filtrasoft – BASIC 40When buying , you should also go into both the salt consumption and the amount . Again, there are significant differences between the models. Thus , the container size available for the salt varies between 11 and 50 kg . More spacious containers offer decisive advantages. First and foremost, of course, it speaks for them that they do not have to replenish so often .

Of course, the salt consumption that the device has to play plays a decisive role here as well. So there are certainly devices that have a higher salt consumption . In addition, the power connection also takes effect at this point . By now you can find very economical models on the market . These offer the advantage that less than 1 kg of salt is consumed per generation .

But there are also some plants that are not quite as economical . Even with a consumption of 2 kg , you have to reach for the salt a little deeper into the bag. Check before buying, what opportunities you for setting found and how they can make.

Ideally, you can get your water softener from beginning to safely and reliably operate. Especially with the operation , there are differences. So it may happen that the equipment in case of power failure , the saved settings . To ensure that the systems still work efficiently, it is important that you enter the settings as soon as possible .

What is a water softening system?

More and more households are choosing to purchase a water softening system. It is a special technical equipment that is not used to improve the drinking water itself.

Best water softening system It serves primarily to the in water containing lime to reduce . A lower lime content brings decisive advantages. So sanitary facilities, but also water pipes and clothes are spared by him . In addition, a high lime content is always a burden on the hair . These can be minimized by the use of a water softening system.

In USA, the degree of hardness recommended for water is 7 ° dH . However, especially at the regional level, and especially in major cities of the USA , lime is often measured, which is significantly higher . The heart of the water softening system is fundamentally a special ion exchange process.

This method is used in chemical softening systems to reduce the hardness of magnesium or to minimize the calcium contained in the water . Both are decisive for the degree of hardness .

The range of water softening systems today is more comprehensive than ever, whereby the systems differ not only by quality and equipment from each other, but also by the size .

On the one hand, there are water softening systems on the market that are designed for use on single flats . On the other hand , you can also opt for larger systems designed for multi-family households.

Basically, there are also some points to consider in the water softening systems . Among other things , you should make your purchase decision dependent on how high the salt consumption is in the systems . In addition, always have a look at the water connection in advance always be thrown.

It can either have a tube outer diameter of one or two inches . The right size is crucial, because only then can the installation run smoothly. you can watch this video to learn more information:

How does a water softening system work?

The water softening system is fundamentally designed so that it can be retrofitted. The grip to her therefore also offers, if the water quality deteriorates over time . Of course there are on the market a lot of plants, which are characterized by different features differ, however, still usually find the same types of construction applications.

The water softening system is therefore always largely composed of the same components . This is primarily a large container . In this container either a pillar or a ball is housed. Here the manufacturers always work with one of the two solutions. Both the column and the ball have a core housing made of resin .

BWT – Aqa Perla IIT his core housing is the heart of every water softening system. In this case , the water is softened. First, the tap water enters the appropriate container. Then it is passed through the column .

The column and sphere act as ion exchangers. Here several chemical processes take place. These in turn make it possible to remove predominantly magnesium and calcium from the water . Then the softened water is collected again in the tank .

Finally, it is discharged again via the drain . The water is also added important minerals through the water softening system . These are sodium and potassium. As salts, these minerals are found fundamentally in the plant tank . At this point you have to remember that these salts turn replenish regularly need.

In addition to the tank and the housing , you will also find a control unit in the water softening system . This control unit is characterized by its simple operation , but also serves as a complete system control. In addition, they also control the flows that are fed into the system on hard as well as softened water .

Of course there are qualitative differences in the water softening systems . But even the best water softening of the market will not be able, the hardness so much to minimize that this at 0 ° C is.

Would such a value can be achieved in would water and no minerals to be more available and it would, therefore, of importance and benefit lose for humans. In Germany, 7 ° dH is the recommended level of hardness for drinking water . To achieve this degree of hardness , the water is blended. The water, which is still a bit calcareous , fundamentally mixed with the already softened water .

Filtrasoft – BASIC 40If several water filters are used, anyone who serves to soften the water is basically also connected to their own display . This display is connected to the fittings . This display who budgets the possibility the results to control. So it is possible to understand the water consumption for a time window of up to six days .

Of course, this also keeps the resulting costs in view. The water softening system is also designed to always store the individual settings entered for hardness and regeneration time. These two key data are particularly important, because then the performance of the decalcification system will be calculated.

It is therefore particularly important that the water softening system regularly gets the opportunity of regeneration . During this time , it is possible to renew the existing exchange resin. This exchange resin is fundamentally responsible for the uptake of the ions . The renewal of the exchange resin is in generally distance of three to seven days instead. Important at this point is always the individual Water consumption. In addition, the degree of hardness influences this time window .

Make sure that you use very little water during this regeneration phase. How long this window of time exactly depends on various factors . As a rule, the time window at this point is between 15 and 50 minutes. During this time you should refrain from, for example, that the washing machine is running.

Most households have set the water softening system so that the regeneration time basically takes place during the night .

By the processed materials and the construction , the water softening system is a very robust device . It is durable and comes with a high quality hand in hand. Both the plants and the ion exchangers are associated with an average lifespan of at least 25 years . The special thing is that they do not have to be serviced at all during this time .

Aquintos water treatment – Top-Line MKC 32Important is that the in the container existing salinity regularly checked is and always replenished. As with any system , it can of course also come with the water softening system occasionally problems .

At this point , it is extremely important that the mechanical individual elements are initially controlled . If the problems persist, the ion exchanger should first be checked .

If the difficulties have still not been resolved, it is advisable to change the whole softener . The costs of doing so depend on several factors .

A special situation for any water softening system is a possible power failure. There is always the risk that the systems forget stored settings again . These settings may relate to the degree of hardness and water consumption .

It is important that these settings are re-entered as soon as possible , because only then can the systems work flawlessly .

The water consumption is also one of the key figures, which should be kept as long as possible in mind. Here, too, it can always come to significant fluctuations . Adjustments should be made as soon as possible. As a result, the regeneration times can be adjusted as economically as possible.

Advantages and applications of a water softening system

When it comes to water softening and decide to use a water softening system, you will enjoy many benefits. First and foremost, of course, the much softer water must be mentioned here . In the second place , however, cost savings and work facilitation play a special role. Basically, water softening systems are systems that add value in everyday life .By using a water softening system , you can protect your drinking water pipes .

In addition, at this point increases the life. Install a water softener and do important preventive work, as this will ensure that expensive repairs to the water pipes are avoided.

Water2buy – Volumetric 800 These repairs can result from lime produced and usually need from a specialist are made. By using a water softening system you also save energy. So you reduce energy consumption permanently .

Runs through hard water Boiler, water heater and heat exchangers, inevitably calcify the transitional surfaces . This can not be avoided. So it comes at the crucial elements to a thermal barrier made of lime. This deposited lime has almost an unimaginable isolation effect. This in turn increases the energy consumption.

Already 2 millimeters lime rich on the surfaces out to the power consumption greatly in the height to drive. Thus, even at this strength, an additional energy consumption of 15 percent can arise. If you permanently use a water softening system , such deposits can also be prevented.

At the same time, the water softening systems also contribute to a longer service life of valves . Faucets look through the lime not only significantly unsightly. The deposited lime also always becomes a stress test for the material.

By using a water softening system , you can protect the faucets from these heavy limescale deposits.

Cost savings are possible through water softening systems on many levels . Try to use them as effectively as possible. If you succeed in minimizing the lime content of your water, for example, from the existing hardness level 4 to only 1 , this results in annual savings of € 62 to € 84 per person.

BWT – Aqa Perla II Considerable savings can be achieved with an average service life of 25 years . These costs , however, do not include the savings that result from the waiver of repairs and new purchases . By hard water minimizes the life of equipment and lines considerably.

Soft water also excites through better quality. Especially for tea drinkers soft water is worth gold . Due to the low degree of hardness , the aromas are better dissolve and better transported by the tea .

But also vegetables can develop its flavors much better through the softer water . Also goes by the low lime content not so much color in the vegetable preparation lost .

Soft water has over the years but also the many coffee drinkers know and appreciate. So basically they come also by the improved water quality in the enjoyment of a pronounced flavor .

Especially cleaners and housewives appreciate the use of a water softening system very quickly. Due to the softer water , calcium deposits do not show up so quickly and so distinctly on the different surfaces , which in turn makes cleaning easier. This is particularly noticeable in cleaning work that comes with water .

Low -calcium water minimizes both washing and cleaning agent consumption. So no lime soap is formed in the water, which ensures a significantly better cleaning effect. This also applies if comparatively little washing and cleaning agents are used.

BM-1 Wave – Aqmos Water Softener. Our body also prefers soft water, which can be recognized both on the hair and on the skin . Soft water feels more comfortable on the skin . In addition, the pores in lime-poor water do not clog so much. In addition, one study has shown that softened water is also a help for childhood eczema .

Since the use of a water softening system results in considerable cost savings , which show up both in terms of energy and detergent consumption, these systems have a positive influence on environmental protection. Due to the lower energy consumption of existing are resources conserved. Thus, the water softening systems are always part of active environmental protection .

Due to the lower lime content , the garments are soft for longer. They nestle better on the skin and can be worn more comfortable. With the water softening system , you decide on systems that can find their place in everyday life .

Which of these techniques you choose is up to you. Basically, the water softening systems for private use . They are offered in different sizes . This allows you to be used in a single household as well as in a multi-family household .

At this point it is only important that you decide on the right size of system . Basically, the offer water softeners not only for the private use of one, but can also be in commercial operations using find.

Even as a restaurant or office you have to struggle with the effects of hard water . The use of a water softening system can help you a lot and make everyday life easier.

The history of the water softening system

Since time immemorial water one of the most important elements it for the people there. Accordingly profound is today the offer. Drinking water has become a matter of course, especially in western countries . However, that there are many countries where clean drinking water is not yet one of the standards is unknown.

water The history of the water softening system goes hand in hand with the history of water treatment . In order to be able to ensure the long-term supply of clean water , procedures were sought very early on that make this possible.

The goal of water purification was there from the beginning to especially the change of water quality. This should be influenced in such a way that the water can easily be used as drinking water .

Essentially, these are two approaches. On the one hand , this is the removal of substances that are in the water and, on the other , the addition of substances and the adjustment of the water parameters . In order to turn water into drinking water , water treatment is indispensable. It has become one of the most important procedural steps in recent years .

Meanwhile, the water treatment is not only used for the production of drinking water , but also, for example, to recover from the wastewater corresponding substances . This is the case , for example, with regard to wastewater with regard to metal .

The first three detectable experiments related to water filtration began in the 17th century . At that time , Sir Francis Bacon became a pioneer. His primary goal was to desalinate the seawater . To achieve this, he used a sand filter . Although he did not succeed in filtering the salt out of the water , it was one of the first attempts which were undertaken for this purpose.

A glass of water Great milestones in this area get Antonie van Leeuwenhoek and Robert Hooke. They went as fathers of microscopy in the history of one. They used a microscope, they reinvented in order for the first time a picture of the the water contained suspended particles to make. Finally, they also succeeded in improving the understanding that diseases can be transmitted via water .

In 1804 , John Gibb, the owner of a Scottish bleacher , was said to have used the first sand filter to clean the water . However, this resulted in an unwanted surplus, the Gibb finally sold. In the following decades , it was above all the private water companies that used the method and continuously developed it.

In 1829 , engineer James Simpson finally built the first public installation that was taken for water supply . She was transferred to the Chelsea Waterworks Company, which was based in London . In the area , thanks to the new installation, households were supplied with filtered water . Over the next few years , the network served as a template for more copies made by the facility.

A further form of water treatment is the chlorination, whose history until the year goes back 1879th John Snow discovered that chlorine could be used to disinfect water.

Figures, data, facts about the water softening system

The range of water softening systems is particularly comprehensive. The systems themselves differ in terms of performance and equipment from each other. Of course, the size of the water softening system always plays an important role .

To the best case for each household the right water softener to offer who manufacturers in recent years, investments in different sizes and with different capacities under way. You can opt for both a two-person household and large-scale system. These include water softening systems that are designed for 8 people . There are also more comprehensive systems for households with up to 10 people .

BM-1 Wave – Aqmos Water SoftenerThe water connection usually measures 1 inch for these systems . However, there are exceptions that include 2 zol l. The salt consumption is very different and depends on the quality and construction . On average, this is now less than 1 kg , often 0.6 kg . But there are also plants that consume significantly more salt . If the salt consumption but then at about 2 kg , and the rising costs markedly.

Logically, systems that are designed for multi-person households consume significantly more salt , which often necessitates renewal. The maximum water temperature of the systems is usually 30 ° Celsius. Only a few plants allow a higher water temperature of 40 ° Celsius . There are also big differences in the filling capacity of the water tanks, whereby average values ​​have prevailed here as well.

As a rule, the filling capacity is 35 kg . There are also facilities with up to 50 kg . The advantage is of course that they have to renew the salt at longer intervals .

The basic equipment now includes a display. This is for easy and safe operation. In addition, it is used to adjust the water softening system . Some systems can now store the consumption values ​​for a period of up to 6 days and thus provide an excellent overview.

Systems with multiple program settings are on the rise. So today there is the eco and the power mode. The eco mode has proven to be particularly economical in the water softening system test.

Maintenance and cleaning

An important topic in the water softening system is the maintenance and cleaning. In order for the plants to be able to be used for years , it is very important that they are regularly maintained. Meanwhile, the development is in the direction of low-maintenance systems. Thus, the technology has been improved in recent years so that the maintenance is low .

The only thing you have to do regularly is to fill up the salt container. The salt content is an important criterion in the water softening system and must be strictly adhered to.

Aquintos water treatment – Top-Line MKC 32Of course, a water softening system can also cause problems over time . These can be different in nature . Mechanical individual elements may be defective in the water softening system from time to time .

If problems arise, these should be thoroughly investigated . If no errors can be detected in the individual mechanical elements , the difficulties can not be solved if you examine the ion exchanger .

Again, it may in the course of use to problems come. It is also possible in some cases to the complete water softener exchange must.

Our water softening test has shown that it is not necessary to resort to salt , which is difficult to dissolve. Due to this, salt crystals can form in the course of evaporation .

These small crystals can again lead to a clogging of the tank . Thus, the crystals usually combine to form a mass .

This case is referred to by experts as mashing . If this happens, you should clean the container . Furthermore, it is important that the cleaning takes place as quickly as possible, because this is the only way to ensure that production is not disturbed by the saline solution that is important for the system . After all, the resin supply is renewed in the regeneration .

Hard water, soft water – an explanation

The water softening system is primarily used to soften hard water . But where are the differences between hard and soft water ? What distinguishes the two properties and why is it worthwhile to use a water softening system for hard water ?Best Water Softener System

waterBasically, water is perceived as very pleasant . It has a calming effect and also radiates a cozy atmosphere .

Therefore, many may not be able to do much with the ” hard ” property . Hard water can be conveyed, for example, with the feeling that the sea offers in waves .

However, hard can not be used as a description of the consistency of the water . Rather, it defines the balancing power that has this element .

Both in the chemical industry and in the sanitary sector , hard water is always mentioned when it contains a high proportion of magnesium and calcium ions .

When magnesium and calcium is ions as hardeners act. So they are responsible for making the water hard. They occur naturally both in the soil and in the groundwater pipes.

Over time , these can be solved. As the water rushes by, the ions that are part of the alkaline earth metals can dissolve. There they finally connect to insoluble bonds. This may be, for example, calcium carbonate . Calcium carbonate is better known in the vernacular as lime .

This is made up of lime, carbonic toff and oxygen together. Lime settles on both sanitary facilities and household appliances . At both the lime marks are perceived as unpleasant and brushed off. To avoid or reduce this, the use of a water softening system offers .

BWT – Aqa Perla IIThe regular lime inflow also represents a stress test for the clothing . In addition, they have an influence on the taste. Thus, the taste of the tea can change noticeably, if the water is so calcareous .

In Germany , the degree of hardness of the water at ° dH is best recognized. Of soft water is always mentioned when a hardness to a maximum of 8.4 ° dH present.

An average degree of hardness is mentioned at values of 8.4 to 14 ° dH .

All values ​​above it, however, indicate hard water and this is perceived as unpleasant. A degree of hardness of 7 ° dH is recommended .

However, a universal water hardness can not be defined for the Federal Republic . Too strong are the fluctuations among the values. In the last few years , however, individual tendencies have emerged.

So the water in the cities of Germany is obviously much harder . In contrast, the rural regions have a different picture. Here the water is pleasantly soft.

In Berlin, Germany’s capital, which applies water for example, as hard. Here, the water hardness is 18 ° dH . The Hanseatic city of Hamburg is also fighting hard water. She comes to 16 ° dH . Dortmund and Essen , on the other hand, can look forward to perfect values, which are achieved at least on average . In Bremen , the degree of hardness is even only 5 ° dH .

With hard water , you can already remedy the situation with small measures . So it is always advisable that you descale the kettle and coffee machines regularly. This is easily possible with a commercial descaler . Alternatively, you can opt for citric acid or diluted vinegar essence .

Afterwards, you should always rinse with clear water in both devices . Also, the use of water filters is advisable for thereby reduce to lime and chlorine. Also odor-disturbing substances are lost. you can check our best office chair 



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