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Best Dog GPS Trackers

Best Dog GPS Trackers and Pet Locators in 2018

Owning a dog is much the same as having an additional relative: you can’t envision what you’d manage without them. Along these lines, if the most exceedingly terrible happens and one day they flee off their lead or escape through a gap in your yard fence, it’s unavoidably freeze stations. In what manner will you have the capacity to discover them and bring them home?

Obviously, if a relative gets lost, it’s normally simple to find them with a fast approach your mobile phone. It’s somewhat trickier for meandering pups, nonetheless. The best arrangement accessible right now to locate lost dogs is with pet following innovation: particularly GPS trackers and pet locators.

The best arrangement accessible right now to locate lost dogs is with pet following innovation: particularly GPS trackers and pet locators.

There are an entire host of pet trackers available, which definitely fluctuate colossally in their quality and refinement. Contingent upon your necessities, you may incline toward a shortsighted item or one that offers a variety of mod-cons, similar to action following and continuous observing through cell phone application.

How about we investigate what’s accessible and the best choice for you and your dog in our purchasing aide and gathering of the best GPS dog trackers and locators.

At a Glance: Our Choice of 4 Best Dog GPS Trackers and Locators: 

Why We Recommend Them:

The measurements demonstrate that an enormous number of pets disappear every year. The American Human Association evaluate around 10 million pets are lost each year, while a few specialists guarantee that up to 33% of local pets stray far from their families and home sooner or later in their lives.

While microchipping has numerous utilizations, it’s not especially compelling as a lost pet locator as it requires somebody answerable to first discover your dog and afterward take them to have the chip examined before you, their proprietor, can be found. Most lost dogs are for the most part found by a manual pursuit of the proprietor’s neighborhood and encompassing zone.

In these cases, a pet tracker is your best apparatus for finding your pet and bringing them home. Contingent upon the nature of your system association, in case you’re utilizing a GPS flag, and the advancement of the following hardware, you ought to have the capacity to pinpoint the zone they’re in and discover them effectively.

Are pet trackers for all intents and purposes helpful as well as give proprietors some genuinely necessary true serenity when they’re out strolling their dog off the lead, or when you allow them home to sit unbothered. A few items even enable you to set ‘safe zones’ for your dog, and after that will caution you when your pup leaves the region.

Some pet trackers are likewise ready to track canine action and exercise levels, so can be an extraordinary method to discover more about and enhance your dog’s psychological and physical wellbeing.

Who Might Benefit from Dog Trackers:

GPS trackers are to a great degree valuable for proprietors with substantial territories of land, or those with dogs that are inclined to flee and you’d get a kick out of the chance to know where your dog is at any given minute.

Proprietors destined to profit by a pet tracker are those with an especially daring or quick running dog in the family. On the off chance that you wind up out hunting down your dog excessively routinely for your enjoying, it’s presumable you’ll see it simple to legitimize the underlying expense and potential membership expenses of a GPS tracker.

Regardless of whether your dog has never demonstrated a slant to get away, you’re still prone to discover some advantage in a pet locator or GPS tracker. Do they give significant serenity as well as they give you a knowledge into your dog’s activity and behavioral propensities.

For some dog proprietors, a pet tracker is an innovative protection approach.

Different Types of Pet Tracker

These are not to be mistaken for the normal microchip that distinguishes your pet against a database.

These are trackers that append to your pets neckline so you can call up a guide on your PC or cell phone to see precisely where they are, and even get live cautions in the event that they stray or into places where they shouldn’t be.

There are two kinds of pet tracker: the GPS tracker and the radio locator. GPS is the more up to date innovation and offers a few highlights that radio can’t, yet radio can be more dependable in case you’re in a territory with powerless satellite signs.


Radio pet locators have been being used for quite a long time and were at first utilized as locators for chasing dogs who might run far and wide consistently. These days, radio locators have been adjusted for the mass market and give dependable area following over a short range.

As they don’t require GPS flags or system associations with find your pet, radio locators are frequently the tracker of decision for dog proprietors living in more remote regions.

Radio pet locators are typically contained two sections: the neckline connection for your dog and a handheld gadget for you. You ought to have the capacity to press a catch on the handheld to convey an area inquiry to the neckline connection, which will answer giving it’s in go. The outcomes will then be shown on a screen on the handheld.


GPS trackers are the most recent innovation in pet following and by and large offer the most advantages, notwithstanding by and large higher accuracy following than radio items can offer.

Most GPS trackers enable you to track your dog’s developments from a cell phone and once in a while work area. Numerous accompany an application that enables you to track patterns and movement levels.

These have a substantially more extensive territory than radio trackers and will have the capacity to track your dog wherever they go (giving there are the imperative associations). The best GPS trackers take into account constant following, satellite imaging and even indoor following sometimes.

Confinements of Pet Trackers

While pet innovation following is growing quick, there isn’t yet an ideal answer for discovering lost pets and still opportunity to get better in a significant part of the innovation.

The primary restriction of GPS trackers is that their unwavering quality and precision is just in the same class as the satellite association it can get to. Most following organizations now utilize both satellite signs and the assets of extensive mobile phone systems to vehemently build their scope region.

Along these lines, you will probably need to pay a little membership charge each month for access to that cell arrange. While for some proprietors, this little expense will be justified regardless of the true serenity the innovation brings, for others, it might be difficult to legitimize, particularly if mobile phone scope in your neighborhood isn’t decent.

Radio, then again, works dependably constantly, however its range is considerably littler and it doesn’t have the imperative innovation for exactness area or ongoing following, which may demonstrate precarious if your dog is running extensive separations. On the off chance that that is the situation, you will probably need to walk or drive around until the point that your locator discloses to you that you’re in scope of your dog’s signs.

Another part of pet following to consider is the battery life of the item. Radio trackers generally have an any longer battery life than GPS trackers, as the last are working harder to constantly associate flags and screen your dog. This doesn’t should be an issue, however you should be proactive about charging the gadget.

Different Features to Consider

There are a couple of different viewpoints worth considering with regards to purchasing a pet locator; especially these gainful highlights which could make a pet tracker more appropriate for your dog.


A portion of the more modern following models are totally waterproof while others are only water safe.

On the off chance that you have a daring dog who you believe is probably going to grasp going through water after they’ve gotten away off the lead or through the fence (erm… Labradors!), it’s most likely worth narrowing your item inquiry to simply waterproof models. On the off chance that it’s not waterproof and your dog allows it to wind up submerged, it will probably quit working and render the GPS beacon futile.

Obviously, if your pup as a rule keeps away from water or if there’s basically no alternative for them to discover any in the encompassing region, at that point a straightforward water-safe item might be only the ticket.

Movement Tracking

One of the major extra highlights gloated of a portion of the GPS trackers is that you’ll have the capacity to completely track your dog’s movement levels. This could be an especially helpful instrument in case you’re attempting to decrease their weight or in the event that they have damage.

By checking their action levels, you’ll have the capacity to modify their nourishment admission and your intelligent recess with them as needs be.

For trackers that can screen your dog’s developments inside the house, it could demonstrate an entrancing understanding into your dog’s conduct when you’re not at home. You could see whether they’re casual or on the off chance that they’re experiencing detachment nervousness and quickly moving about.

Set Geo Zones

A few GPS trackers likewise enable you to set a ‘sheltered zone’ for your pet and will naturally inform you the minute that your dog leaves that foreordained zone. This is an especially helpful element for proprietors of ‘person who can get out of anything’ who are inclined to leaving through the fence at the scarcest opportunity.

Safe zones are normally your home, albeit a few items enable you to set different safe zones per creature, which could be helpful on the off chance that you take your pup on vacation with you. You ought to have the capacity to turn off notices for leaving the protected zone when you intentionally take them outside for strolls or different exercises.

Purchasing the Right Size for Your Dog

When you choose to buy a pet locator, it’s critical that you pick one that isn’t excessively bulky for your dog, making it impossible to bear with them. Ordinarily, the tracker is a neckline connection, and you ought to guarantee that it’s sufficiently solid to remain appended to the neckline – regardless of whether your dog is running hard – yet sufficiently lightweight not to aggravate your pup.

Most GPS beacons have a weight necessity of no less than 9 to 10 pounds, as a littler dog is probably not going to endure a relatively substantial neckline connection. Obviously, expansive dogs like Labradors will more than cheerfully pass the weight limitations!

The Best Dog GPS Trackers and Pet Locators in 2018

Here are our top picks for the best pet trackers on the market right now.

  1. Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Initially a Tagg item before being assumed control by Whistle, this GPS tracker is a standout amongst the most well known items in this market. It requires a month to month membership to the cell association benefit, which begins from $6.95.

It has a huge amount of highlights nearby the genuine area following, and is especially appropriate for proprietors hoping to survey their dog’s action levels, set exercise objectives and track different patterns.Whistle GPS Pet Tracker Check Price On Amazon


  • You can set an adaptable Whistle Zone and the tracker will educate you if your dog breaks its limits
  • You can track area specifically from your cell phone
  • Will find your pet continuously and give satellite imaging of their area
  • One gadget works for various pets
  • Utilizations a conjunction of cell and GPS innovation, implying that you can track your dog’s area anyplace with cell benefit
  • On-request alarms are conveyed through the application and by means of SMS
  • Completely waterproof and exceptionally tough
  • Tracks times of action and rest and takes into consideration examination over the short and long haul
  • Enables you to set tweaked objectives for action levels


  • Just works in the US
  • Precision of the guide address capacity can be inconsistent in especially country regions (albeit satellite imaging appears to dependably functions ad.

   2. Tagg GPS Pet Tracker – Dog and Cat Collar Attachment

This is another GPS tracker from a standout amongst the most trusted pet area marks available – Tagg. It’s really won a honor in earlier years for the quality of its GPS following so it’s surely a brilliant item.

Like alternate GPS trackers, you should pay a month to month benefit expense (beginning from $9.95) and in addition a one-time actuation charge. It doesn’t have similar fancy odds and ends that a portion of the more current GPS following advancements brandish, yet it’s as yet prominent for its unwavering quality and exactness.Tagg GPS Tracker

Check Price On Amazon


  • Will send quick content and email cautions when your dog goes out
  • Takes into consideration exact situating with GPS and the USA’s biggest remote system
  • The connection is lightweight and sturdy
  • You can track your dog’s every day practice levels on the free, going with application
  • Application demonstrates your dog’s area on an intelligent guide and gives headings
  • A long battery life of up to 30 days
  • Consequent pets can be joined to the Tagg family anticipate marked down trackers and administration


  • Allows for static, instead of constant, following with a 3 minute postponement, which might disappoint if your dog is running and covering substantial separations
  • Battery life exhausts with age

3. Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

Tractive is another component substantial GPS tracker that requires a month to month benefit charge, beginning from $5. It requires an association with either AT&T or T Mobile and permits all day, every day live following on the application or by means of work area.

Not at all like the Whistle, it can be utilized as a part of a few nations outside the US in spite of the fact that it doesn’t have as top to bottom action observing and objective setting capacities.Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

Check Price On Amazon


  • It works in more than 80 nations, giving there is AT&T or T-Mobile scope
  • It utilizes the two GPS and cell associations for exact finding
  • Can track your dog’s developments live, every minute of every day
  • It’s the littlest GPS tracker available and accompanies two distinctive measured neckline connections so it’s as subtle as workable for your dog
  • Completely waterproof and exceptionally solid
  • Accompanies a coordinated light to give your pup additional perceivability oblivious and empower less demanding areas
  • Has an incorporated sim with no transporter contract (despite the fact that a month to month benefit charge still applies
  • The application enables you to record their hypersensitivities and inoculations, and oversee arrangements


  • The battery life isn’t in the same class as advertized – clients report it to be near 1.5 days as opposed to the 2-5 days recommended

4. Link AKC Smart Dog Collar – GPS Location Tracker

Administration PLAN: LINK AKC resembles an advanced mobile phone for your dog and requires an administration get ready for availability; plans are as low as $6.95 every month. Plans incorporate a service contract on the following unit, a puppy ensure for estimate/fit, and complimentary access to the Pet Poison Helpline, an every minute of every day creature harm control focusLink AKC Smart Dog Collar - GPS Location TrackerLink AKC Smart Dog Collar - GPS Location TrackerLink AKC Smart Dog Collar - GPS Location TrackerLink AKC Smart Dog Collar - GPS Location Tracker

Check Price On Amazon

  • Connection AKC is the main keen neckline in the market with all that you have to protect your dog, solid, and cheerful. Inquiries, Support or Collar Sizing Issues: Contact Link AKC Customer Service at 866-772-6055
  • Know your dog’s area with quick and precise GPS following empowered by the AT&T cell organize (Service design required). Be cautioned if your dog leaves assigned safe zones
  • Get a tweaked movement objective and screen your dog’s every day action
  • Deal with your dog’s security with encompassing Temperature alarms
  • Remote turn on Sound for Training and LED Light
  • Not prescribed for dogs under 10 pounds.

5. TabCat Pet Tracking Collar Cat Locator Lite Cat Finder Tracker System

Directional technology:Follow sound and visual signs to discover your feline, pinpointing them to inside 2.5cm (1 inch). Our innovation is more precise than GPSTabCat Pet Tracking Collar Cat Locator Lite Cat Finder Tracker System

Check Price On Amazon

  • Little, light, splashproof: Weighing only 6 grams and ensured by a sturdy case, Tabcat is little and simple to append to any feline neckline.
  • Long range – up to 122m (400ft): Tabcat can discover them up to 400 feet (122 meters) away in clear viewable pathway. Simply stroll around until the point that you get the flag at that point take after signals. Exact to inside 2.5cm (1 inch).
  • Prepare your feline to return home: The find catch on the handset actuates a little beep on the feline’s neckline tag. Utilize this flag to prepare your feline to return home on request.
  • Discretionary additional labels: Tabcat accompanies 2 labels however an extra 2 can be bought on the off chance that you’ve a bigger feline family.

6. Trax Play NEW Upgraded Live Outdoor GPS Tracker for Children and Pets, Blue:Trax Play NEW Upgraded Live Outdoor GPS Tracker

Check Price On Amazon

  • Trax Play advises you at whatever point it leaves the assigned safe zone and you can track its area specifically from your cell phone
  • Works in excess of 40 nations worldwide to track your kid or pet’s area anyplace you get versatile cell benefit; buy of information design required upon buy
  • Full included cell phone application (iOS and Android) offering boundless sharing and following, speed alarms, enlarged reality, geofences and on request warnings
  • Strong, and water and clean safe, Trax Play withstands temperatures between – 10 DegreeC to +40 DegreeC, with dependable open air GPS following
  • The Trax Play unit associates with the 2G T-Mobile system in the US.

How to install the PET GPS TRACKER:


Hopefully, you’ll now have some idea of the many benefits of pet trackers and what type of product would work best for you and your dog. Considering the huge number of pets that go missing every year, a pet tracker is an easy way to establish peace of mind and a safety net for your dog.


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