Styling your bay window curtains

Window treatment is one of the essential decorating components for room and bay window curtains doing well with this. Window curtain treatment has to lead the popularity among decades. This is because the curtained window is an easy way to install and cost-effective to improve the beauty of the room without occupying extra space in a room or create the cramped look to space.

The pros and cons of bay window curtains

The bay window is popular and often becomes a favorite design found in the living room, reading nook or kitchen, as this creates a beautiful focal point and let light-filled into the room. Since the window has 3 sides of the glass, then bay windows let plenty of light and warm your home and make the room feel larger. Here are the pros and cons of bay window curtains.

The pros

The bay window curtain is an effective way of improving and enhances the artistic look from your room. When you choose appropriate design and shade, you even can improve the look from the dullest room in your home.

The window curtains make the room feel warmer during in winters rather than blinds. The bay window curtains add a cozier look that also adds the extra charm to your home.

There are more designs and patterns in curtains rather than blinds. Although the window blinds come in various shades, white is the most common and most often they are not available in one solid color without more patterns or designs. In other side, window curtains come in varies shade and with the elegant and sophisticated pattern.

The cons

Window curtains take more space rather than blinds which mean it can make the small room look smaller.

Have bay window curtains in kitchen or bathroom also make them more tend to susceptible to stains and mold.

Cleaning and maintaining bay window curtains can consume much time and not an easy task. if the curtain is not clean regularly, it will lead to the accumulation of dirt and dust.

Cleaning bay window curtains are far more expensive rather than clean blinds with wiper.

Window curtain can be a real problem in a house with small and playful children around. They easily hide into the behind of curtains and sometimes this can damage the curtains when it pulled over and over.

How to choose bay window curtains

There are many options that you can go when you consider curtains for bay windows.  A good thing about curtain is it will not overshadow the bay window much. With bay window curtains, you can choose between the curved tracks or single tracks.

How you choose bay window curtains?

There are many options of style that you can choose for bay window curtains treatment. There are many fabric and décor style available to choose from. Here are several options that you can choose to style your bay window curtain.

Think about how the bay window will be used. If the bay window is mainly used as a decorative design, then choose a hanging curtain is good to choose. The curtain will close in front of the display and make you have privacy. If you use bay window area as a lounging area, then it will be a nice place to readers and sit so panel curtains will be the best.  Is it used for storage area? Then choose the fitted hanging curtains that wrap around the bay window is the best. This will make the bay windows as comfort as an easy to open and close the storage area when needed.

What the look you want? If you want to cozy look, then mix between panel curtains and hanging curtains is the best. If you want the bold look, then use decorative print for hang curtains and choose the solid color for panel curtains. Reverse this idea to add vibe to the room. You also can achieve with matching the curtains material, for example, use bamboo panel curtains and mix and match with hanging curtains from a canvas material that give a laid back vibe look and wild. Want obstructive view from ocean panorama or city? Then you need to choose the bay window curtains that will frame your window. There are many of this bay window curtains that provide this look, such as window valances, large drapes, or floor to ceiling curtain panels.

Color coordination. You want harmony in your room when you décor your home. Match the bay window curtains color with the rest of fabric color in the room for creating a unified effect in the room. For example, you can choose to match the pillowcase and rug color to match with the colors from bay window curtains or you also can match the bay window curtains color with the color of your wall and floor.

How to determine the best bay window curtains to use

Drapery panels. Drapery panel’s curtains are set along to the returns walls of the window. It has extended from ceiling to floor in long flow lengths. These curtains allow framing the bay window and allow creating an obstructed view to the décor.

Softy silk panels. Soft silk panel curtains are best for shade bay window. These are popular bay window curtains that update the appearance of height and width from the bay window. You can make your bay window more dramatic and contemporary look by use braid or fabric tape to gathering the curtains halfway down.  This will your bay window curtains look classy and provide the outside scenery view without revealing the inside house.

Valances. The formal valance is best to provide the beautiful upper frame from bay windows. Choose the room together by choosing the color coordinate in curtains, pillowcase, bedding, and rugs when dressing up your bay window curtains with valance.

Flat roman shades. This is the type of bay window curtains that provide privacy and frame the window as well. These window curtain shades are easy to install and clean. This also comes in many textures, colors, patterns, a length that fit with size and length from the bay window in any house.

All of these, when you considered using curtains for your bay window, it is the best option for those who are looking for priorities from sunblock, more privacy, and the artistic look for the room. However, for those who are not willing to spend much time for cleaning and maintenance, then the window blinds are better. Consider for the pros and cons from bay window curtains before you decide the final decision is always a good option to ensure the effective way for décor and protect your privacy in ‘your home.

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