Baby carriage comparison 2019

Get up at night to change diapers, be fully lubricated while feeding: The existence as a parent is not always easy. In order to have no problems at least when transporting your child, you need a good stroller that folds easily and is easy to stow away .

When buying a baby carriage make sure that the car has a good suspension and a functioning belt system and is not too heavy. Find out in our test or comparison table, how much space which stroller takes in the folded and unfolded state. Only then can you ensure that the new purchase does not block the whole hallway.

We help you to find your pram test winner!

  • Strollers are essential to keep your toddler in everyday life and always stay mobile. A trolley with aluminum and plastic frame is lightweight, withstands a lot and does not rust.
  • Classic strollers can be used after the first month of life, but you should only put your child in the buggy when it is six months or older and can sit independently.
  • When buying a baby carriage, make sure that it is as light, stable and foldable as possible. Additional features such as a handbrake, seat belts or a rain cover make transporting your child even safer.

For most people, at some point in their lives, there comes a point where they do not want to be more than having children with the partner they love and raising them together. In addition to all the happy moments that children undoubtedly give to their parents, being a parent can also be very stressful .

Getting up at night and changing nappies is a risk as a newly-baked parent, but if you want to take your baby to other locations, you can not do so without help. To transport your children as warmly, comfortably and safely as possible from one place to another , you need a stroller.

In our purchase advice for the Kinderwagen comparison 2018, we explain to you which types of prams are available, in which direction your offspring should sit during the journey and on which criteria you have to pay attention to find the best stroller for your purposes.

1. What comes in the stroller?

What may sound like a strange question is a well-founded question. In addition to a child (so far, so obviously), the stroller set often includes a few things to keep your offspring warm and to take away all your worries as a sender:

  1. In the seat shell should be a padding, so that the child is comfortable and z. B. bumps on the sidewalk can not lead to back pain.
  2. In addition to a comfortable seat, it is important that your child never cools down. Buy a footmuff or fleece blanketto keep your child’s feet covered, even at high temperatures.
  3. In winter, you can additionally put a hot water bottle or a warm cherry stone pillow into the buggy.
  4. If it is hot in the summer, a small parasol on the stroller isuseful to protect the child from the UV rays, in autumn, a rain cover should be attached to the stroller.
  5. In addition, older children often enjoy a pram chain or a stuffed animal. Tip: Attach the stuffed animal or toy to the stroller so it will not fall off and go unnoticed to avoid tears.
  6. For shopping, it is very convenient if a basket is attached tothe stroller , in which the purchases can be stowed .

Tip: If your toddler tends to vomit, you should purchase the cushion of the stroller with an easily wipeable sheet. Many strollers also have storage space for purchases, replacement diapers or clothing.

2. Which stroller types are there?

2.1. Stroller or buggy?

In most stroller tests is either the talk of strollers, prams or buggies. The main differences between strollers and strollers can be seen in the table below at a glance:

3. The most important purchase criteria for prams:

3.1. Buggies should be used only from six months

When should my child sit in the stroller?

Most children learn to walk for a year, but that does not mean that from that point on they will be able to join each path on their own. For longer distances, it’s fine to push your baby in the buggy. However, from the age of three, you should train the baby on the pram and get used to walking to encourage the child’s motor development and urge to move.

Each pram has a recommended age, which specifies in which period the vehicle should be used. A variety of brands indicate in their prams that they are already available directly after birth.

However, be careful: buggies should not be used due to their upright sitting position until your child is six months or longer in the world. Before that, it is important that the stroller is heavily padded and the baby can easily lie straight on his back. 

Should your child sit too early on his own, there may be damage or misalignment of the spine , as it can not maintain its head independently for a long time in the months after birth.

This ability trains it gradually. First, it starts to hold your head up and later, while crawling and playing, tensing the abdominal and back muscles. Once the child no longer relies on your help in sitting , it can also be transported while sitting in the buggy.

3.2. The maximum body weight of the stroller should not be exceeded

Normally stroller manufacturers indicate how much weight their wagons carry easily. Since most strollers are designed for a maximum of three-year-olds, they also carry only the weight of a three-year-old, which is on average between 15 and 17 kilograms .

If your child is very tender or you want to train him / her early, maybe even a small stroller that carries up to twelve kilograms is enough, but in general a somewhat more resistant model is recommended, even with a second or third child still holds.

3.3. Convertible prams are particularly versatile

In most stroller tests and also in our comparison, prams are rated. These have the advantage that they can be converted.

With an adapter , prams can be transformed in a short time with different attachments of the pram for toddlers in buggies and vice versa.

This ability is very useful, especially if you plan to have multiple children or spend money on separate strollers and strollers .

3.4. The type of tires determines the driving experience

Stroller wheels are usually rubberized plastic wheels or rubberized pneumatic tires.

stroller with pneumatic tires drives very easily and rolls well over the asphalt . Weighing with rubberized plastic wheels has a little more contact surface on the road, which on the one hand ensures that they are a bit heavier, but on the other hand also slightly more puncture proof.

Baby carriages with large wheels often travel very comfortably , even if the stroller only has three wheels.

3.5. A good harness system keeps the child safely in the car

Especially for babies and toddlers, who still have very little body tension and hardly have motor skills, you need a safety belt on the stroller.

Preventing your child from slipping out of the car, either do crotch straps , especially in retro stroller (also called nostalgia stroller) or 5-point straps that hold the child with two straps between the child’s legs, pelvis and above secure the shoulders. Baby carriages often have buckling systems integrated in the shells.

4. Criteria for a better driving pleasure:

4.1. The frame of the stroller should be made of aluminum and plastic

Aluminum and plastic are lightweight but durable materials that can withstand a lot and not rust . That’s why all modern pushchairs have a frame made of them.

Tip:  Moisture does not bother the stroller, but the child does. For use in wet and damp weather, your stroller should be lockable and have a rain cover made of water repellent yet breathable materials.

4.2. Strollers with adjustable seat direction save grief

Whether children prefer to sit in the direction of travel or drive backwards and look at mum or dad depends very much on the age and the level of development of the children.

Basically, younger children need eye contact with the parent pushing them, older children are happy to sit in the buggy and discover the world .

Ideally, the seat shell should be adjustable to allow for both, so that your baby can look forward or backward as you move, while you’re on the move.

4.3. An adjustable push handle adapts to both parents

Driving your child around in a stroller can become tiring over time. In order not to cramp or straining your back too much , your stroller should have an adjustable push handle.

Especially if you are significantly larger or smaller than your partner or even the big sibling wants to push the baby , an adjustable handle is important, so that you can equally leisurely maneuver the stroller through everyday life.

If you are 1.80 or larger, the grip should be at least 1.05 high to be about waist level.

4.4. Smaller strollers are better for the city

In our comparison table, the dimensions of the stroller in the normal expanded state and in the folded state are specified.

Depending on how much space you have, you should decide how big the stroller may be. Basically, the stroller should always:

  • into the car,
  • in public transport,
  • in the hallway or
  • if necessary, in the apartment

fit. For more children, you should buy sibling strollers or twin stroller or tandem stroller  at 10testen , which take up more space than normal estate cars, but are still easier to handle and stow than two separate cars. You can find these sibling wagons with a short internet search.

4.5. The weight of the stroller should be as low as possible

As rarely as possible to the help of passers-by, eg. For example, on train staircases, it is important that your stroller is light. Good strollers usually weigh between about nine and 16 kilograms . Sitting in a three-year-old child, who weighs about 15 kilograms himself or there are still stowed purchases in the car, such a car can quickly weigh 30 kilograms.

On the street and on small sidewalk edges, this weight with inflated wheels is still to create. The bulky means of transport with your toddler to carry up the stairs, however, is very difficult.

Always get help or use elevators and buy a pushchair that is as light and as small as possible , especially if you are on your own most of the time. you can check our best office chair 

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