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Aerocart Review And Buying Guide Choose Your Worx Aerocart

Gardening isn’t just a hobby or profession, it’s a passion. Spending the leisure time by working on your garden is a great fun. To do this gardening chores, you may need some gardening tools apparently. Read our worx aerocart review and buying guide 2017 pick your best wheelbarrow ever tool. Though working in the garden is a fun, but it is a little tiring during the warmer months. But, with some special equipment, it will be awesome. So, it is mandatory to ensure that your gardening chores are reliable and strong enough to perform the gardening activity in a stress-free way.

Among all of the gardening equipment, the aerocart is the most important one. You need this for multiple reasons. So, if you arelooking for the best aerocart for your garden, you are in the right place. We have checked a lot of aerocarts available in the market until we get the best aerocart for a garden. I think you are interested to know the details about the worx aerocart review for your garden.

After checking hundreds of aerocart, we have confirmed that the WORX Aerocart Multifunction 2-Wheeled Yard Cart, Dolly, and Wheelbarrow with Flat Free Tires – WG050 is the best of the best. It is not only just an aerocart, you may use it for multitasking. So, choose the WORX Aerocart Multifunction 2-Wheeled Yard Cart: the best aerocart ever! The WORX Aerocart promises to do it all. But does it really work? Read our detailed aerocart review here.

Read Our WORX Aerocart Reviews

1. Stiff and decent structure:

The body of this amazing Worx Aerocart is made of steel. The powder-coated steel ensures that you will get a gorgeous looking aerocart with a well performing and heavy-duty aerocart. It has the best steel-made design ever. With this sturdy steel construction, it can easily perform the moving and carry related jobs easily with big and heavy loads. This stable and strong aerocart can endure up to 300lbs loads.That’s the prove of the functionality and toughness in one aerocart.

2. Easier and better loading:

If you use this aerocart, your moving and loading jobs become easier and better. As this aerocart has a cutting edge design, this function makes you feeling like you are carrying some lightweight loads even if the tub is full of your gardening objects.​The best function of this aerocart is, it feels like only 14 lbs, while you are carrying 200 lbs !Further, this aerocart is designed with two extended arms to move the loads easily and effortlessly. This extension arm feature allows you to carry the large and bulky objects easily. It ensures that the objects you have in the tub is safe and sound for sure.

3. Never deflating tires:

One of the best body parts of this WORX Aerocart Multifunction 2-Wheeled Yard Cart is its tires. Thus, with this gorgeous looking and toughly-made tires you will get never deflating, versatile and tough tires as well. These tires ensure you that it will never go flat. That’s why you may remain tension free about the maintenance problem. This aerocarts tired do not sink much through the wet, soft or muddy land. So, it doesn’t matter where you are using it, it will ensure the best service you needed.

4. Elastic type capability:

This Worx aerocart has a resilient types capacity that is a unique feature of this aerocart. You won’t find this feature in any aerocart available in the market.It has an extendable arm with the fold-out facility. This arm allows you to carry some objects such as mulch bags that is unable or difficult to carry with the tub. Moreover, to move or carry or move your plants easily, this aerocart has a potted plant strap.​Further, for your cylindrical and round shaped objects, this aerocart has a cylinder holder to move and carry those objects in a safe and stable way. In every yard and garden, the dead leaves and trashes are the common scenarios. To clean this trashes, this aerocart has a bag holder to put your bags safely. Thus you may keep your hands free to do another chore.

5. Optimum capacity:

This 8 in 1 amazing aerocart allows you to carry loads up to 300 lbs. But, this 300 lbs loads will feel like only 25 lbs while carrying the objects with this aerocart! The rock filter and plant mover have 80 lbs capacity.To move your heavy and larger objects with minimum effort, this product comes with around 3 cubic feet volume capacity.Thus, if you have this aerocart, you can perform a lot of amazing gardening and lawn maintenance jobs with its optimum hauling capacity which is almost unable to do with the traditional best wheelbarrow. This feature is really reliable especially while you have to carry loads of your yard from one place to another.

6. Easy to assemble:

For the traditional aerocart, assembling is quite tough. But, this Worx aerocart is one if the best aerocart which won’t take much time to assemble the product fully. There are five items included with this worx aerocart. They are –

  • Aerocart 8 in 1 all-purpose yard cart​
  • Bag holder and Rock mover holder
  • Plant mover holder and Cylinder holder

It requires just about 5 minutes to complete the full assembling process. Even you don’t need any assembling instruction to assemble it. With this effortless and easy assembling, you can save your energy and time both. You just have to assemble the parts by a steel pin and mount the wheels and that’s easy it is! Just doing this your product becomes ready to use.

For whom this product is appropriate for:

The Worx aerocart is appropriate for the passionate gardeners. This product is for the people who maintain their garden, yard or lawn by themselves. As this aerocart is able to perform some household activities including household items loading or moving, so people can use this apparatus to do their household chores too.

Key specification:

WORX Aerocart review Multifunction 2-Wheeled Yard Cart, Dolly, and Wheelbarrow with Flat Free Tires – WG050

Model number


​Trailer Capacity

​Bin Material

​Storage space

​Products weight



​​Silver, Orange & Black

​1000 pounds


​in dolly mode, 15 inches from wall

​48.7 pounds

​3 years

What’s great about WORX Aerocart Multifunction 2-Wheeled Yard Cart?

  • This Worx aerocart is able to perform 8 important functions in one aerocart. Its 8 in 1 carrier feature will allow you to use it as a cylinder holder, a trailer mover, a potted plant mover, a rock lifter, a hand truck and a bag holder etc.
  • It has a perfect center of gravity to feel your loaded objects lighter than the real weight. For example, while carrying a 200 lbs objects, it feels like you are carrying only 17lbs!
  • Its strong tires will never deflate.
  • This product easily fits into any narrow spaces.
  • Because of the full steel constructed body, it is more durable.

Negatives You Should Keep in Mind

  • While you keep this product sited to the ground, you will notice that it sits too close with the ground. Thus, it may be a little bit awkward for the taller users.
  • Because of the long and tough structure, sometimes it is hard to maneuver through the tight corners.
  • Its size is preferable only for small scale use.

Final Verdict:

This apparatus deserves to be the best aerocart in the whole aerocart industry.This is not only appropriate for the gardening but also for your home and yard maintenance, it is more than perfect. So, if you are looking for the best aerocart, then we will highly suggest this Worx aerocart: the best aerocart ever. I hope after read our aerocart review you already know that what is the best.

2. WORX WA0228 AeroCart Wagon Kit

The 8 in 1 all-purpose Worx aerocart has the versatile use. You can use it for multiple purposes. Just think about that what will happen if you adjust another tool with it!The tool is WORX WA0228 AeroCart Wagon Kit. Thisis such a useful toolkit, which can convert your aerocart in a hay wagon within a second. This tool also included cup holders, a resting seat and tool tray.

Key specification:





Hay Wagon Capacity

300 lbs

Wagon Kit Weight

16.3 lbs

Wagon Cart Capacity

300 lbs

What you will get with the box:

  • Tool tray
  • ​Garden and resting seat
  • Wagon kit assembly4.
  • flat free tires
  • Cup holder
  • Owner’s manual

Key features of WORX WA0228 AeroCart Wagon Kit

  • It can be easily assembled without any tools. The assembling process is such easy that the novice users also don’t need any instruction to assemble this great product.
  • It connects to the top of the worx aerocart where the handle remains reside with this and make it an effective towing cart with four wheels.
  • It can convert your “only aerocart” into a garden cart or a hay wagon within a second.
  • It’s flat free tires keep you tension free about the maintenance cost.

Negatives about this product:

  • For some product, it wouldn’t line up to connect with the cart easily.

3. WORX WA0230 AeroCart Snow Plow

The WORX WA0230 Aerocart Snow Plow attachment is a great accessory which you will appreciate at the winter season. Unless you live in Florida or Huawei, the snowstorms will come out at any time without any warning. So, if you don’t have any snow blower, then this will be more effective to you and your family as well.

This WORX WA0230 AeroCart Snow Plow is the best tool to transform your Worx aerocart into a snow plow. This toolkit can easily connect the snow holder to base while removing the snow from the driveways or the sidewalks. It pushes the snows out of the way as you go. As you don’t have to lift and shoveling the heavy snow, so you can save your valuable time during the winter season.

This toolkit is enough sturdy to use as a snow plow. Because of the handles, it becomes simple, easy and handy to use even for the novice users.The manufacturer company provides three years of limited warranty with this product. This proves the effectivity and the best quality of this product.

Key features of WORX WA0230 AeroCart Snow Plow:

  • It can convert your existing aerocart into a wheeled snow plow within a second.
  • It is lightweight & you can store it anywhere while it is not in use.
  • The manufacturer company equipped it with a steel wear strip for extended use and ultimate durability.
  • The steel wear strip is galvanized, which makes this kit totally rust free.

The negative effect of this kit:

  • It is little bit tricky to assemble the aerocart and this kit together.
  • After using for a long time, sometimes this kit got stuck in snow.