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Worx Air Blower Reviews And Buying Guide 2017

The worx air is a cordless electric powered blower that says to apply 120mph air pace to help you create “easy zones” round your home in mins. worx air blower reviews buying guide 2017 for gardeners. if you need to buy worx air blower keep your Eyes in this article.

About Worx Air

If you simply watched the infomercial for the worx air electric blower, you’re probably interested in finding out if its 120mph air pace surely assist you to find every type of dirt in every area. In reality, you possibly also need to know if it definitely can create “easy zones” on sidewalks in just 2 minutes, patios in three minutes, and garages in 6 minutes.But does the worx air honestly help make cleanup quicker, less complicated, and more green? Is it worth your difficult-earned cash? Allow’s blow the dust off the records and notice what they've to say.

Worx Air Blower Details

Even though it’s as an alternative obvious, the worx air website claims that 85% of the dust in your house is tracked in from the outdoor. To help with this, the worx air electric powered blower claims to deliver 120mph of maximum air velocity to create a clean zone across the outdoors of your private home in only mins.

Similarly, the worx air additionally functions a 20v (also to be had in a 32v model) maxlithium battery so that you gained’t ought to fear approximately cords slowing you down, while the lightweight and compact layout can assist reduce fatigue.The worx air also functions eight attachments that you can use outside and inside of your private home, including:

1. An angled long tube that allows you to get right of entry to hard to attain areas, and is pleasant acceptable for cleansing decks and patios. Additionally consists of a detail brush that you could use to dust slim areas.

2. A brief tube that’s ideal for tight regions that the lengthy tube can’t access. Also comes with several attachments to make it even more beneficial.

3. An inflator nozzle and deflation cowl that allow you to quick inflate and deflate gadgets.

4. A dust brush, which facilitates you easy regions of your property susceptible to dust and debris buildup, including corners and windowsills.

5. A huge nozzle attachment that permits you to easily dry flat surfaces and sweep wider regions than the angled long tube.

6. Can also purchase a gutter cleansing kit separately, which has an eleven-foot reach that helps you avoid mountaineering ladders whilst cleansing your gutters.

In addition to those attachments, the worx air also includes a 20v maxlithium battery (claimed to stay charged for up to a year if now not used), a 20v electricity-star licensed battery charger, and an accent bag.

Worx Air Pricing & Refund Policy

The 20v worx air is priced at three bills of $33.33 or one unmarried charge of $99.Ninety nine, while the 32v version is priced at three payments of $forty nine.Ninety nine or one single fee of $149.97.In case you’d choose to no longer buy directly via the manufacturer, the worx air is also available at walmart, lowes, home depot, sears, and amazon.Com, as well as many different unbiased stores.

All worx air electric powered blowers bought without delay thru the manufacturer include a 30-day cash lower back guarantee, much less delivery and handling expenses, in addition to a 3-yr restricted assurance.

What Do Other Consumers Have to Say About the Worx Air Blower?

Overall, it appears that the worx air blower has a in the main fantastic on line purchaser reputation, so long as you fully recognize its boundaries. We’ll speak more about why that is critical in the backside line segment.With this in thoughts, the worx air presently has a median client rating of three.

Three stars on corporation’s website, with the most commonplace grievance bringing up lack of energy—in truth, one reviewer claimed that a hair dryer might provide more power than the worx air.

Further to this, the most not unusual complaint pertains to terrible battery life, and which you’ll most effective have 15-20 minute run time earlier than wanting to recharge (which take three hours).Some other place on line, it appears that the worx air has a barely higher overall recognition, although the maximum commonplace lawsuits stay related to lack of power and brief battery life.

What’s the Bottom Line About the Work Air?

Whether it’s the pollen of spring, the dry dirt and insects of summer, or the leaves of fall, the worx air infomercial virtually does make it seem like this is the ultimate electric powered blower you’ll ever need to very own. However is that this truly the case, and is it worth $a hundred? Possibly, as long as you absolutely recognize it’s intended use. Here’s why:

First, it’s pretty clear that the worx air’s claimed 120mph air pace changed into calculated without delay at the nozzle, which quick slows down after exiting. Even within the worx air promo video, you could see that there was little air velocity approximately 10 toes beyond the nozzle. Severa patron opinions we discovered at some point of our research subsidized up this announcement as properly. But why is that this vital?

That is essential because, despite the fact that the worx air seems like a leaf blower—and based totally at the promotional video and a few of the product’s claims, you can be forgiven for thinking so—it’s now not. Instead, it’s truly meant to blow dry dirt and particles from porches, decks, and patios. In different phrases, in case you’re planning to blow heavy and/or wet particles (mud, grass clippings, wet leaves, and so forth.) like you would with a conventional leaf blower, the worx air clearly doesn’t have enough power to deal with these obligations. In quick, the worx air is only supposed for mild work around the residence, and not anything more.

Alternatively, in case you’re interested by buying the worx air or any other cordless electric powered blower, attention more on cfm (cubic ft in line with minute) than on air pace. This is because cfm is a whole lot more relevant to the quantity of energy a blower has, and could give you a better concept of the kind and quantity of debris it’s able to transferring around. And with simply 80 cfm, the worx air is honestly at the decrease cease of the spectrum while compared to the competition.

As such, unless you’ve been with out rain for a while or don’t have an awful lot particles in your gutters, the gutter cleaning attachment probably received’t paintings thoroughly.With regards to patron evaluations, it seems that maximum customers have been pleased general with their worx air buy. Despite this, the maximum commonplace complaints blanketed loss of power and quick run instances (15-20 mins at maximum).

Additionally, even as lithium-ion batteries represent top alternatives for cordless yard tools, understand that they’re infamous for decreased potential after simply 365 days, because of this that your worx air will probably have even less operation time after this point.Most customers strongly endorsed shopping a 2nd battery and continually retaining it charged, in particular in case your backyard is whatever other than small.

Backside line: in case you consider the worx air as more of an “air sweeper” than a traditional blower, you will be extra happy via its overall performance. But, most clients exceptionally advocate shopping a 2nd battery and usually maintaining it charged, since the worx air has a very brief run time and a long recharge time, which will increase your cost even more.

Customer Reviews for Worx Air:

I charged the new battery (2 HOURS), and used the blower on all concrete paths, the front landing, drive way, steps and wide walkway at the street. There are 40 steps up the hill side from the street to the back of my house. Fir, pine needles and dry blossoms that covered the concrete were the target. I went quickly but thoroughly. It only took me 14.5 MINUTES, and luckily the battery lasted exactly 14.5 MINUTES, (but no more). Probably only 60 seconds to keep steps and landing to front door tidy. The blower only weighs 4 POUNDS, so it was like waving around a book with one hand. The battery re-charge took 2 HOURS. I used a stop watch for timing.

John Ali
Los Angeles

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