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The best combi stroller 2019

The best combination stroller is the Bugaboo Fox . He is considered a design classic, is the lightest in the test, super quality, drives top and has a really good suspension. What we like as well is that it can be folded up easily and small and stands for sustainability with its recycling material made from PET bottles. But we find his very high price quite justified. Only one thing annoyed us at the Bugaboo: the conversion from baby bath to buggy.

Whether romper or the perfect wall color of the nursery – Mamas in Spe love to prepare a pretty nest for the Mini-Me. Fathers are more restrained in this point. But not when it comes to the stroller. Whether car or buggy, car remains just car.

It is interesting, however, that Dad, who is interested in form and functionality, does not have the last word when buying a buggy. After the experience of the manufacturers, women decide what to buy. As a rule, they are the ones who cruise around the area most with the vehicle.

We took over the check for you and thoroughly tested nine combi pushchairs. At the beginning I believe in every test: the differences can not be that big – and every time I am taught a lesson. So also with the combi stroller.

The price range ranged from around 250 euros to about 1,150 euros. Are the expensive station wagons really the better ones? After the test, we can definitely say yes. Except for just the cheapest model in the test we were particularly convinced three cars, which also cost at least 1,000 euros. A lot of gravel – but you also get a lot of quality.

Short overview: Our recommendations

I fell in love with the Bugaboo Fox . He looks good, is the flyweight in the test and can be highly individual design. He drives almost by himself, even on cobblestones and in the grass. Its all-wheel suspension, the easy handling and the top processing also convince fully, nothing rattles. Other pluses: It is very small in the trunk, has an easy harness, is made of environmentally friendly recycled material and has a large storage basket. The only drawback: the price from about 1,150 euros – no one was more expensive in the test. And the complicated change from baby bath to buggy. Thankfully, you do this only once per child.

1. Also, the Stokke Trailz is a very high quality, top processed stroller, which is available in many colors. He drives easily and agile, has a first-class suspension, a really huge, cuddly tub and a huge shopping basket. His packaging design is also a hit. All in all, this product looks very well thought out and we like it to a large extent in the handling. Why it still does not reach the test victory? He is too high, too wide, too powerful for us. For petite, small women, he is thus not ideal despite the height-adjustable handle. It does not fit well in the boot like the Bugaboo, and the bumper seat buckle is complicated. And with about 1,100 euros without a car seat and hardly any accessories, it is also quite expensive.

2. The stylish Joolz Day 3 is a petite, narrow and lightweight stroller in minimalist-reduced design. But the Joolz not only looks good, but is also very suitable for everyday use. The hammer is the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. But you will hardly need it. Because the stroller from Holland scores with solid quality, a strong 4-wheel suspension and a pleasant high trough and buggy position. He did not make it to the top because of his complicated belt buckle, the rather narrow stroller seat and the tight shopping basket. The conversion to a buggy is a science in itself. All for a proud price from 1,000 euros without car seat for the car.

3. Our prize-winner is the children’s power Moov 3-in-1 . For little money you get a lot of prams: what you have to buy at the expensive still everything is here for a mere 250 euros – sometimes even cheaper – including -toll! The pretty-discreet and relatively lightweight stroller can be easily and manoeuvrable and with a good suspension and height-adjustable handlebar is also good for large parents to steer. A good brake and a more than sufficient shopping basket complete the great impression. In addition, it folds up small, conversion and assembly go quickly. Unfortunately, his wheels are susceptible to repair, he initially smells slightly plastic and his frame quickly gets scratches. But for the price you can see over it.

Why a station wagon?

For those who do not want to deal with a new mobile pedestal every few months, combi prams have proven themselves. Your advantage: With a single purchase, your child is mobile until it is safely on foot itself. From the first day of life until the early kindergarten age one is perfectly covered with a combination device, the baby carriage grows with the child, so to speak.

This all-inclusive offer makes the conversion from baby bath to car seat for the car and buggy or sports car possible. Some of the manufacturers offer a ready-made 3-in-1 package including accessories, some of them only frame, tub and buggy are included in the price. Maxi-Cosi-like baby seat and extras can then be purchased. This is also different for our nine models in the test.

What speaks against a station wagon? That you usually have to reach deeper into the bag than for a simple couch stroller and a single buggy. A station wagon is also often heavier and – also folded – bulkier than a simple buggy, but more comfortable. Therefore, most parents buy in addition to the station wagon later on a light, small travel buggy on the go. The whole dream of a vehicle for everything so even with a station wagon does not go on.

What do you need?

Every family is different: some just go out to shop, others have a dog and are constantly on dirt roads. Therefore, first of all, consider where you use your stroller. Do you live in the city or in the countryside? Does the car often need to be in the trunk or is it almost always assembled? Do you have a single-family home or do you live on the fourth floor without a lift, so you always have to carry the bath up with you? It depends on whether a slightly convertible model is better for you or one that can be stowed quickly and easily in the car.

What does he look like?

It may sound superficial, but it should not be underestimated: you really must like the new stroller. Even the most practical vehicle does not make you happy when you annoy each optic walk. Thankfully, there are more than enough pretty and functional models. By the way: Simple plain colors like beige, dark blue, black or gray are not as fashionable as colorful camouflage patterns. However, you drive a station wagon up to four years for each child. You will not get tired of classic tones that match every outfit.

What does he bring to the balance?

For me one of the main arguments when buying. Because not every subway station has a lift. Not always is a nice helper around the corner who carries the car up the ten flights to the pediatrician’s office. We do not always want to get sore while lifting into the trunk. Women in particular depend on a light part so that they do not contract a herniated disc with the increasingly difficult child, including a cart. Every kilo counts less – as long as the quality does not suffer underneath and you can drive around the little ones to at least 15 kilos. Models with aluminum frames usually weigh less and do not rust. Steel racks are tough, but usually heavy.

Does it matter to the size?

And how. Both in the set-up and in the folded state. The narrower and smaller, the faster and more relaxed one is on the road with the car. Whether in narrow supermarket lanes, in the subway, in the train, in the hallway of the multi-family dwelling or in the café. Concerning the trunk: Measure it exactly before buying. This will save you unpleasant surprises. But: A large seat in the buggy is more comfortable for the child than a tight cloth square. For the baby bath, the »Stiftung Warentest« recommends a length of between 78 and 80 centimeters and a width of up to 35 centimeters. When it comes to comfortable steering, long people need grip height from 1.10 meters. Great and back friendly, it is when the tub is slightly higher. When the buggy is the toddler, however, if the seat is lower,

How comfortable is he in everyday life?

In stressful everyday life with baby and toddler parents need nothing that complicates their lives in addition. This is especially true for the stroller. That’s why everything has to be simple and straightforward. Check your favorite model so in advance – always with weight in it – in the store or when buying online when unpacking: What settings are possible? How easy is the backrest adjustable? Can your child later sleep flat in the buggy? Does the car make a high-quality impression? Are sports car and tub comfortably padded?

Can the handles be easily adjusted to your size? Is the handle non-slip and comfortable in the long run? Fits the suspension, so that your baby is not shaken wild in the car? Is it possible to turn the seat and tub in and against the direction of travel? How complicated is it to remove and rebuild the tub? How easy is the change from tub to car seat or buggy? How relaxed is the vehicle small? Is it difficult to establish the front wheels? This is important in winter when there is snow. Does this work only by hand or more user-friendly with the foot? How can the hood be folded back and forth? Does it donate enough shade? Is the bath cover provided with buttons or a more practical zipper? Is the safety bar hinged to better lift the child in? Does the material have UV protection?

Are there customizable footrests, a good and easy-to-close seatbelt? Does something fit in the basket? Is the material easy to clean? How much accessories, rain cover or mosquito net is included? Can it be bought to or after? And last but not least: what does the installation look like?

Which tires are better?

As a rule of thumb: Big wheels are heavier, but safer and easier to steer – especially in off-road – as small roles that are often too close to each other, therefore not so stable and like to block on gravel or grass. Front swivel wheels, which can rotate 360 ​​degrees, are great and manoeuvrable on tarmac, but should also be able to be set to get better on gravel or slush.

Prams usually come with either pneumatic, hard rubber or plastic tires. Pneumatic tires are like bicycles. Your advantage? Even when off-road they feather top, protect the child well from impact and can be easily pushed. As with the bike, they also like to get a record. And you have to pump them up from time to time.

Is he safe?

The most important thing to get your child safely from A to B are a good parking brake, a 5-point harness and a safety bar in the buggy. Reflectors perform well in winter or at night. You can buy it, as well as light. An existing TÜV and / or GS seal is a sign that safety standards are being met.

As for the safety of the parents: The folding of the car often proves to be a nasty finger trap. Does not work! Because such a kinderwagen test 2019 also costs a few fifty euros, you do not want to steal him right away. Therefore think of a secure bicycle lock.

How is the manufacturer service?

Renowned companies often offer a good repair service, extensive spare parts and a service number. You can not be sure of a no-name thing from China. Also, for reasons of sustainability, we recommend that you spend a little more money and drive the vehicle for longer than throw away the whole car at the first material damage. When purchasing, please also inform yourself about the warranty. Most companies offer 24 months. A manufacturer in the test even advertises a lifetime warranty.

How long is the delivery time?

It is best not to order the stroller until it is almost contracted. Experience has shown that it takes longer, sometimes weeks to months, until the desired model starts to spin.

That’s how we tested

All of the above criteria were taken into account in our test. We have built all the prams and tested first with baby bath. If there was a car seat for the car, we looked at them too. Then we rebuilt all prams to buggy. That was easy, sometimes complicated and only with combined forces.

Because a stroller with load rolls differently and usually better, we drove either with our one-year test child sample or sat us – if the sweet guinea pig went on strike – a box of apple juice spritzer in tub and buggy. In a beer crate Munich passers-by would probably have looked less irritated.

Finally, we folded all station wagon and tested how well they fit in the trunk of a small car. We tested that with a Mercedes A-Class. All went clean, but in some cases the trunk is only just so, with others still a little space remains – and some need more handles than others. Well we found it, if you did not have to remove the wheels.

Test winner: Bugaboo Fox

The champion among the combi prams is the Bugaboo Fox for us . He drives like on rails, almost by itself, easy and extremely agile, which is also due to its low weight. None of our nine test models weighs less. Its processing quality is excellent, nothing rattles or squeaks, the Bugaboo can easily withstand several baby generations. He also scores with the best all-wheel suspension of all cars in the test. In short: the whole car is full of quality.

Another positive feature is the narrow shape with a width of only 60 centimeters and its appearance – cool, hip and varied. Zig colors and individual combinations are possible. Better a blue tub (which incidentally has a super carrying handle) with colorful patterned hood or a green child seat with a yellow roof? The parents become designers. No wonder that the Bugaboo from the Netherlands has a cult character and copy him umpteen manufacturers.

Best driving experience Great stroller with few weak points:

Thanks to its relatively large solid rubber wheels, the Füchschen proves to be surprisingly off-road – and it threatens no flat tires. With him we march loosely over cobblestones or grass. Even on the beach or in the snow, he has no problem, because you can bring him to the outdoor bicycle position. So easy and so agile no other stroller drove in the test, which is also due to the very good suspension. Thus, the Fox has not only a super roadholding, the offspring put the ride on the lowered curb map in the gentle slumber without complaint.

The easy-to-use parking brake is also convincing. The sidewalls of the baby bath with the soft mattress do without hard tubes, unlike other models in the test. The surface of the soft padded child seat is generous. Up to three, four years and 17 kilos a Dreikäsehoch finds loose place and gets a comfortable foot rest included.

Sophisticated design

The buggy is a pleasant 59 centimeters high. Very comfortable to take the child in and out. If there is a Dwarf Rebellion, because Mini does not want to stay seated, the Bugaboo Fox 5-point Seatbelt System makes it easy for parents. He was definitely the best and most uncomplicated shutter in the test. We find it super that there are long belt slots in the backrest of the child seat. Slip out the tapes, threading them back in effortlessly.

The Fox scores otherwise with a via plastic lever to the lying position adjustable buggy backrest, washable covers, an additional safety strap on the handle and a generous storage basket made of fabric. Because the Bugaboo Fox folds so wonderfully tiny, especially if you take off the wheels, he fits even in small trunk. No other stroller was so small in the test.

And it protects the environment. Because the Fox is the first sustainable model of Bugaboo. Its covers consist of fifty percent (mottled fabrics) or one hundred percent (monochrome fabrics) of recycled PET bottles.

The bottom line was that we had little to expose to the Bugaboo Fox, the car itself we can only criticize a few little things.


The seams on the non-slip faux leather handle, which can be easily adjusted in height, can be uncomfortable in the long run. In addition, there is no window in the hood.

Annoying was also the change from baby bath to buggy: First we have to frieze the fabric from the tub frame, then pull the child seat over it. Until we got this mechanic, time went by. However, because this procedure is only done once per child, it was not that important for us.

Another disadvantage: A car seat for the car is not included in the Bugaboo. After all, there are adapters for baby bowls of Britax Römer and Maxi Cosi, so that you can use with the Fox.

Not a trifle is unfortunately the price: With around 1,150 euros without car seat for the car, he was the most expensive car in the test. Even though the resale value and the sustainability are high due to its quality and longevity – that’s a whole lot of money.

Bugaboo Fox in the test mirror

Since the Bugaboo Fox was reissued in the spring of 2018, there are still no test results from Stiftung Warentest or Ökotest.

After all, there are some reports from bloggers who were allowed to test him already.  For example, Lisa Harmann from Stadt Land Mama finds him great and writes (02/2018):

The carefree magazine  (02/2018) praises after the test:

“The Bugaboo Fox seems to be the best bugaboo ever. However, whether he can deliver what he promises will probably only become evident after intensive everyday tests. «


Although the Bugaboo Fox is the best buggy for us, it’s not the best choice for everyone. For big parents there is a better alternative, as well for design lovers. And of course, the price makes the music, so we also have a recommended cheaper alternative for you.

1. At around 1,100 euros, the Stokke Trailz costs  hardly less than our test winner. For the baby car seat of the manufacturer come at least 270 euros more. For the money you get top quality and ten colors to choose from.

The Stokke Trailz is very beautiful, manoeuvrable and superbly sprung. Thanks to its large tires, which are either air-filled or puncture-proof made of hard rubber, it easily rolls over bumps.

Its comfortable brown or black leatherette handle is easily adjustable in height. The brake is great – for us in the test clearly the best.

The cuddly soft padded carrycot for children up to nine kilos with practical small pockets, breathable mattress and handle is huge, perfect for little giants. Also enormous: the waterproof supermarket. The expandable top of the tub with ventilation window and glare protection can be easily folded back and forth – without annoying snaps. The cover of the baby bath has a practical zipper.

The water-repellent fabric with SPF 50+ is robust and of high quality. The really generous child seat with footrest, which can be mounted in and against the direction of travel and carries children up to 20 kilos safely, is also softly padded. The backrest is simple and easy to adjust to lying position. Here the child is king!

Kudos also for the meaningful and space-saving packaging design. It is also great that you can fold the vehicle – in relation to its size – but relatively small. This stroller just looks extremely thoughtful.

The Stokke Trailz is a pretty powerful vehicle. Because the baby seat and the child seat have been designed extra high in order to bring parents and children closer together, it also looks visually very massive. For my 1.63 meter colleague, he is definitely too high, even as we adjust the handle accordingly – but for tall parents, he is just the thing.

However, the 5-point safety belt of the high-quality plastic sports car could be easier to close. The front wheels are indeed detectable, but we can do it only by hand – so watch out for the fingernails!

What we also do not like: Rain cover and / or mosquito net are not included in the price. In an expensive model incomprehensible. And at the prairie check of the Stiftung Warentest in 2015, he scored the lowest score due to carcinogenic substances in the handle and cover with a grade of 4.8. According to the manufacturer, however, these deficiencies are now resolved.

The Joolz Day 3  is the perfect stroller for the designer apartment. Minimalist in form, it is available in nine chic colors. But the trendy design piece from Amsterdam has even more in stock than a nice exterior. He is just as high-quality processed as the Bugaboo and the Stokke and with only 59 centimeters wide, he is pretty slim.

Its handlebar height is easy to adjust, so the Joolz is also an option for tall parents. Although the tub and child seat also occupy a high position, so that the brief on the restaurant table does not require a highchair, the stroller looks much more delicate than the giant Stokke.

The Joolz Day 3 rides well, even on cobblestones. Nevertheless, he is not my favorite in this category. Maybe because he is almost too well sprung. The child, however, will like the swing. He slows one A by simply fixing it with his foot. Its rubber tires, easy to determine with the foot, are protected from plates.

The tub with the soft headrest and the practical carrying handles gives the baby plenty of space, the XL-top with SPF 50+ and rear ventilation window proves to be a good sunscreen. The cover scores with a zipper. you can check our best office chair 


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