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Best Rain Barrel Reviews – Buying Guide and Recommendation

Have you ever concept approximately making an investment in a best rain barrel? about 40% of the full water utilized by each household is used for watering lawns and gardens. when you have a rain barrel, you may acquire or even shop rainwater that would otherwise be lost as runoff ultimately heading to drains. That rainwater can be used to water your garden and yard and may be mainly helpful in the course of a drought or when there are water restrictions. right here are a few tips for buying a rain barrel that could be a top notch investment for your private home.

Choosing Rain Barrel Material

The notable way to select a rain barrel is to select one that goes with your home’s fashion. they're available in ceramic, timber, metallic, stone and plastic. Rain barrels range from a smaller 15 gallon duration to massive commercial rain barrels which can hold upwards of 1,000 gallons. they're moreover normally opaque just so the saved water is not uncovered to daylight which limits that amount of algae that could develop in the barrel.

The different rain barrels materials include:

Plastic or polyethylene

  • One of the more popular options
  • Its lightweight and cheap
  • Tends to fall apart in the outdoors so it needs to be stored where there is enough UV protection
  • Can be found in all shapes and colors

Stone or ceramic clay

  • Great for catching small amount of rain
  • Very decorative and great for small gardens
  • Can be difficult to install


  • Gives your home a rustic feel
  • Water cannot be contaminated with BPA
  • More expensive than plastic
  • Has a heavier catchment system
  • Can be purchased in beech wood, hickory, oak and cedar


  • Great for large rain storage
  • Can use flexible membrane liners
  • Is used for more permanent rain storage
  • Not as attractive for residential use

Storing Rain Water

In areas in which drought is a not unusual incidence, water storage tanks may be a fantastic funding. if you stay in a vicinity in which there is lots of rain, than a small rain barrel might be adequate to shop your water desires for sporadic dry spells.

continually make certain your rain barrels are tightly sealed and covered in an effort to lessen mosquito troubles and keeps the barrels from being a drowning hazard for youngsters. additionally make sure your barrel is secured to the ground so it's going to no longer fall over.

Retrieving Your Water

Retrieving your water can be carried out with a spigot, electric or manual pump. maximum tanks are equipped with a regular lawn spigot at the bottom of the tank that may be installed to a lawn hose. if you have a bigger barrel of system, a pump may be used to retrieve the water. in view that hand pumps need to be worked manually, electric pumps are simpler to apply however are extra pricey.

Moving Your Water

with your rain water gadget, water need to be taken from the rain barrel to a garage tank so that you can use it. Gutters can assist move water to wherein you want to save it in addition to downspouts. It’s possible to use an current downspout to move extra water into a barrel or far from your home whilst the barrel is complete.

Calculating Collections

So, now you’re wondering how much water you will be able to collect. This is really determined by the rainfall where you live and how large your roof is. For one inch of rainfall over a square foot area you will get about 0.6 gallons of water. You then multiply that by how many inches of rain you get on average each month and multiply that by how wide your roof is in feet.

Installation & Maintenance

  • Make sure your rain barrel is covered
  • Keep your rain barrel clean as well as your gutters and downspouts
  • Prevent blockage with regular cleanings
  • Regularly flush out debris from the bottom of the container
  • Inspect your system for leaks and overflows after heavy rains and the end of your rainy season
  • If you notice overflow issues, look for a way to store the extra water or get an additional rain barrel if needed
  • Prepare your barrel for winter by turning it over if storing outside or making sure it is empty if storing inside for the winter
  • Protect the siding on your home with a sheet of wood placed in between the siding and the downspout
  • Watch out for sharp edges when working with the downspout to prevent injuries

The Best Rain Barrel - Reviews

1. Good Ideas RWURN Rain Wizard Rain Barrel Urn

Accurate ideas rwurn rain wizard rain barrel urn is shaped like an urn and could upload style and sophistication to your rain collecting. the rain wizard comes with a planter on pinnacle which allows to empty extra water so you can keep away from root rot. it additionally comes with a mesh screen that continues out bugs and particles out of your water deliver. the rain wizard comes with a flat lower back in order to suit tightly towards a wall and is to be had in a sixty five gallon capacity.

1. Rain wizard is BPA free and is urn shaped

2. Top comes as a planter that can drain extra water to avoid root rot

3.Comes with a mesh screen that keeps out insects and debris

4. Has a flat back design so it can fit tightly against a wall


  • East to install
  • Well-built and great to look at
  • Handy to have close to flower beds for easy watering


  • Have to modify the downspout to get it to work correctly
  • Hard to get the faucet to seal

2. RTS Home Accents Rain Water Collection Barrel with Brass Spigot

rts domestic accents rain water series barrel is a fantastic option to any water scarcity. the rts rain barrel has a sensible alrightbarrel texture this is molded into every barrel in order to not fade, rot or be exposed to insect infestation. it has a flat again to sit snugly towards a wall and can be linked to other rain barrels to increase standard capability. it additionally comes with a display screen to hold out insects and particles and a close off valve to hook up hoses with a dual overflow.

the rts rain barrel has a capability of 50 gallons and can help reduce your common water usage and pay for itself in just a couple of seasons. it comes with a the front aspect overflow that continues water from flooding in opposition to any out of doors partitions of your own home. it additionally has an elective barrel stand that creates stability between the floor and spigot making it easier to fill your watering can.

1.Realistic oak barrel texture that won’t fade, rot or get infested with insects

2. Flat black allows the barrel to fit against walls and can be linked to other barrels

3. RHelps you save water and money

4. Does not have large openings so it is child and pet safe

5. Front side overflow keeps water from flooding against the outside of your home

6. Has an optional stand


  • Can link up several barrels to increase overall storage
  • Set up is easy and instructions are easy to follow
  • No leakage around faucet


  • Front overflow detracts from the overall look of the barrel
  • When barrel is full of water, the back becomes bowed

3. Planter-Urn Rain Barrel

the 50 gallon rain barrel in terra cotta is a gorgeous piece with a view to complement the outside of any domestic. it comes with a planter on the top so one can enhance the appearance of the rain barrel. the barrel is both practical and a excellent decorative piece on your backyard. it is made from a excessive first-rate plastic this is long lasting enough for the outdoors. the end of the rain barrel is beautiful and active so it is perfect for any putting. the barrel has a flat again layout that lets in it to be located against partitions for balance and help. it comes with a screen that filters out particles and pollution plus a brass spigot that may link it to different barrels with the usage of a hose.


  • Perfect for a front yard drain
  • Great addition to décor in gardens and matches terra cotta planters


  • Hole at the top is too small so there is a lot of overflow
  • Spigot tends to leak

4. Kyoto RBSS-75 Rain Barrel

The kyoto rbss-seventy five rain barrel mixes present day sophistication of genuine stone with the lasting durability of plastic. made from the manner of rotational molding plastic, the kyoto is capable of enduring very excessive temperatures.

  • Distinctive stone appearance
  • Comes with a screen guard that is corrosion proof
  • Easily accessible brass spigot for filling watering cans
  • Comes with an overflow spout
  • Equipped with a drain plug to drain any water or sludge from the bottom of the barrel


  • Beautiful design that resembles expensive pottery
  • Set up and installation is easy, no special tubes needed to hook up the barrel
  • Comes with a metal faucet that is high enough to fill a watering can
  • Has an overflow drain at the top plus another drain at the base


  • Expensive for what you get
  • May crack after a mild winter

5. Algreen 81001 Cascata Rain Water Collection and Storage System

The Algreen Cascata Rain Water collection and storage gadget mixes a timeless visible sophistication determined with ceramics with the lasting energy of modern-day day plastic. The rain barrel has a 65 gallon capacity and is made of durable, roto molded plastic which can resist gigantic temperatures and does no longer crack, chip or fade with time.

The Algreen system comes with a display guard this is corrosion evidence, a brass coloured spigot, a 6 foot hose with a shutoff nozzle and an easy to eliminate crown planter on the top. for added durability, it has a double wall and the accompanying hose attaches smartly with a hood. The barrel measures 24 x forty six inches.

  • Extremely durable 65-gallon rain barrel with a timeless appearance
  • Created with roto molded plastic that will not crack, chip or fade
  • Extra strong with double-walls for durability
  • Has a removable crown planter and screen guard


  • Beautiful barrel and really durable
  • Easy to assemble and comes with a great planter on top
  • Great price for the value


  • Cheap drain hose, need to replace with a better hose
  • Does not come with an overflow hose

Conclusion: The Winner​

The winner of the Rain Barrel Roundup is the Algreen 81001 Cascata Rain Water collection and garage machine. The Algreen has a huge capability at sixty five gallons which is about 10 gallons more than most rain barrels will maintain. It is simple to bring together and springs with a beautiful planter to decorate the top. The Algreen could be very long lasting and is manufactured from a molded plastic that surely looks as if ceramic so it's far a terrific looking piece in your backyard but it gained’t chip or crack. It also has delivered electricity with double partitions for multiplied sturdiness. Check the best garde hose  another post.

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